Enjoyable, Nokia

Nokia fallknivs mobile with design focusing revamped again. The changes are not big, but very welcome. By Linus Brohult

Design mobiles in series L’amour has many details in the shell, with lackimitation, etchings, flowers and leaves. This also applies to new 7373

In addition to all the tawdry details of the shell allows Nokia as always her little fabric with L’amour logo stand out on the side of the phone. Clever and neat actually.

The keypad buttons are hidden under the screen, and to access the buttons simply shed their 7373 as a folding knife. A spring makes it relatively easy to fold out the phone with one hand.

The phone is very good in the hand, and feels solid in the material. The leather-like material on the back to give a warm and rough feeling and it is not a stupid design detail. 7373 feels good to hold, and is small enough to fit in pockets and handbags end bays.

Screen on 7373 very sharp, which has advantages both for photos and for common navigation. To get a good overview by pressing the menu key. Nokia 7373 run common system (series 40), the very latest version. It is especially good for basic functions-the address book is brilliant and messaging features as well.

Even e-mail is easy to get started with, even for those who are not very tech-savvy. Instead of having to go into a complicated setup menu leads the e-mail application the user through a guide where settings are made.

You can also get a video ringtone when a contact calls up-perhaps not so useful, but for those who like to play with multimedia features, it is a fun feature.

Also the calendar is good and the relatively high resolution screen allows the overview will be good. The Nokia 7373 is also known as “Active Standby”, which means that functions as any song the music player plays, and today’s tasks in the calendar appears in the phone’s basic mode. A click on one of the lines makes you end up directly in the function, and don’t need to fumble their way through the phone’s menus.

The camera is something that Nokia has improved compared to its predecessor with the 7370 7373. Now there is a 2-megapixel camera which, however, lacks the autofocus and Flash. However, the software in the camera to image light and sharpness “corrected” in retrospect. There is no photo technically brilliant solution, but does still images look prettier for simple purposes, mms or simple snapshot that will be sent as mail. As usual, it is above all in difficult light conditions indoors as the camera may issue, and the images will then be easy very grainy. But the camera is still well above average in quality, compared to other camera phones in this price range. In addition, there is a function to edit images, add frames and other details.

Other multimedia features is the better at 7373. The FM radio is easy to use, set up the stations automatically and gives good sound. The music player works much like the modern music mobiles. The amount of on-board memory on your phone is 128 MB, but if you buy a microSD card can be up to 2 gigabytes of memory, which is enough for a lot of music. And one such card costs currently only 500 dollars-making potential for 7373 as music machine clearly interesting.

Svaghjeten of 7373 as a multimedia machine is maybe in the somewhat weak battery. At least for those who want to listen much to music, radio and otherwise use the phone frequently feels like this battery runs out relatively quickly.

Before you buy

7373 feels that a functionally easy to use phone that offers features above average for this price. The camera shines, however, is not, and the internet is the lack of 3 g is a big minus.


Samsung Z230 is a slightly cheaper phone, which is foldable and has a slightly simpler camera. For those who want well-designed mobile with 3 g is Nokia 7390 and Sony Ericsson Z610 good options.

Nokia 7373

Type: Gsm triband

Weight: 104 g

Dimensions: 88 x 43 x 23 mm

Talk time: 2 timer

Standby time: 250 timer

Internet and data features: Wap 2.0, gprs, e-mail, bluetooth, Web browser, xhtml

Connection to pc/mac to the pc via usb or bluetooth

Voice Control: Yes

Ringtones: Polyphonic, mp3 ringtones and video ringtones

Phone book: Multiple number, name, postal address, e-mail address, home page, photography, and more

Screen: 240 x 320 262000 colors, pixels

Games: Sudoku2 comes with, other Java games can be downloaded

Camera: 2.0 megapixel camera without autofocus and without Flash

Other: T9, calendar, alarm, media player, alarm clock, calculator, stopwatch, unit converter, to, world clock, FM radio, sound recorder

Socket for external antenna: no

Price: 2800 SEK


Telephony and data: 7

Multimedia: 8

Systems and applications: 7

Ease of use: 8

Performance and memory: 7

SCORE: 74%



Convenient format


FM radio



Lacks 3 g

Battery life