Facebook Home and HTC First: the Social Network Conquered Android

The latest updates and rumors to Facebook home

Facebook home for Germany, chat heads for iOS (17 April 2013) in the late evening of April of 16 brought Facebook home in the German play store. Owners of HTC devices one, one X and one X + and the Samsung Galaxy S3 (later Galaxy S4) and Galaxy models can download the Android Launcher now note 2. At the same time, we rolled out an update for iOS devices. The update brings the coveted chat heads on the iPhone and iPad. Unlike as in the Google infrastructure, users can use this but only in the Facebook app. iPad owners enjoy also a customized newsfeed with larger pictures.
talks with Apple about iOS version (April 16, 2013) the social network after the launch of Facebook home apparently is already working on the next step. The Bloomberg News Agency reports that Facebook and Apple could discuss, as Facebook home come also to iOS. Sugar mountain according to the two companies have a great relationship with each other. While Facebook home for iOS must not necessarily resemble the Android version: maybe only some elements of the current version of the home are about the informative lock screen for Apple interesting.
Facebook home gel Act (April 9, 2013) round three days before the official launch of Facebook home circulating on the Internet already the installation file of novelty. O Brien explains Paul at MoDaCo step by step, how to install the software on their Android device. Initially, the program worked quite well, ran with few bugs. A few hours after the leak Facebook has apparently got the thing wind: users report that the link of the software no longer works with their Facebook account. We have to guess but all up to the official launch on April 12 to be patient.
home for iOS comes? (April 8, 2013) as CNet reported, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg does not exclude an iOS version of home. To install the software on the iPhone, you must work with Apple but closely. Basically, Facebook is keen to offer all users the best experience on any device. Nevertheless, it is unlikely to grant deep intervention in its own operating system Apple Facebook and other developers. After all, the social network is a core component of iOS but in addition to Twitter already. Home: People instead of apps
Mark Zuckerberg believes to have been a central problem in current smartphones and their operating systems: it comes to apps and tasks, not to people and their content. To change that, Facebook has developed a kind of own Smartphone home page: home. When you switch on your device, you will see Facebook content. If you are in any application, Facebook chat in the viewing field fly. And if you want to buy a new Android Smartphone in the future, it may be tailored to factory on Facebook. Facebook becomes the absolute center.

Facebook home and Facebook phone

Android app and HTC first

cover feed: Facebook on the big stage

the individual new features bring some interesting ideas on the devices: cover feed already displays on your lock screen and home screen pictures and status messages for your friends. Without your intervention, change this through so handsome, also texts of the social network, Facebook deposited them with the image of your history. These contents are not only decorative, you can comment on already from the start screen, share and liken.

News: frontal attack on WhatsApp

The manner how Facebook handles your messages with home, can only be seen as direct attack on WhatsApp. New releases of proprietary Messenger land namely immediately on the home screen. From here, you have the possibility to tap individual messages and answer, to remove a wiping gesture, or bundled down to push all messages, if you later want to communicate.

COMPUTER IMAGE-Special: Facebook

app launcher: apps are accessible, but playing second fiddle

Facebook focuses on fine and dandy, but how come you in the future on your other apps? For this home placed your Facebook profile photo below on the home screen. Tap on it, get access to the app drawer so the reservoir of all apps, Facebook Messenger, or a shortcut to your most recently used app. There is a similar mechanism on many Android devices that allow out about a quick access to the camera or text messages from the lock screen.

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The most important new devices

Chat heads: short messages always and everywhere

Facebook changes with home also the way how you be informed about new messages. Instead of merely a communication aufploppen to leave and to force you to leave your current app, the message as a small photo of the channel sets discreetly across the screen. Chat heads Facebook calls these flying heads. A tip opens the conversation, a swipe to the bottom of the device removes the messages from your perception. Interesting: Chat heads will also work with SMS messages distinguishable by the Facebook Messenger only by the other coloring the balloons.

Home: from 12 April in the play store but for the time being without tablets

Requirements for the use of Facebook home are manageable at first glance: an Android Smartphone, as well as the current versions of the apps from Facebook and Messenger. With this tools, it is possible to download home from the Google play store starting April 12. At least in theory, because Facebook feature only a handful of devices rolls out: HTC one, one X, one X +, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and note 2 and subsequent models of the respective series of the two manufacturers. More smartphones are to follow, also tablets remain only once outside. After downloading, you will soon have the opportunity to replace your existing home screen a step which to undo but in the Android system settings can be. Facebook home

HTC first: the first real Facebook phone
If you thought Zuckerberg would leave it with new software and once again give lie to all rumors of a Facebook phone, was disappointed. With the HTC first the two companies presented a jointly designed Smartphone in the world’s first fully tailored to Facebook and equipped with home mobile device. The specifications, you not expressed at the presentation. Based the HTC on insider information has first but probably a 4.3-inch display with 1280 x 720 pixels, fast dual-core CPU and Adreno-225-graphics chip a 1.4 gigahertz. Also, it is likely based on Android 4.1 first. From 12 April the HTC is first for $ 99.99 exclusively on the American mobile phone provider AT & T available, pre-orders are possible now. Also cooperation with other firms are planned for later in the year. Mark Zuckerberg called also the French company Orange: HTC first come to Europe.

Facebook Home program: Facebookisierung for all
first is the first though in name, but not the only one for Facebook, with security, optimized Android device. Zuckerberg was the Facebook Home program before an initiative to bring together hardware manufacturers as well as mobile operator worldwide with Facebook to get more Facebook phones in trading on April 4. ZTE, Huawei, Sony and Samsung are some names presented at the Facebook event

Is Facebook’s new news feed

14 features news, pictures, and music assessment: Facebook home
that used to be a Facebook event with added value. As in March the public due to a simple restructuring of the news feeds on April 4 to flush out, was Zuckerberg really exciting news in the luggage. Home is a clever idea to make even easier and more immediate communication in the social network and of course even more to absorb the user and to advertise under the noses of all places. The approach to show chat and SMS messages parallel to open apps, could provide fresh air for smartphones. The way there should be but lengthy: on 12 April it starts with a few devices in the USA, iPhones and tablets must be first out. The hardware after all, Facebook cooperates already with many renowned companies, to bring tailored to smartphones on the market here decides but despite all the Facebookisierung continue, whether the devices are also worth their money.