Facebook Home: So Uses Every Cover Feed, Chat Heads Co.

That was a surprise: early April Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new Facebook home, an alternative smartphone interface. The surface is people and their contents in the foreground; a Facebook home page replaces the Android home screen. Status messages can be publish, read messages, share content from there. Features such as cover feed (brings news on the lock screen) and overview provide chat heads (small bubbles). Big Downer: previously supported Facebook home of officially only six smartphones.
Facebook Home: Android conquered The social Network

So Facebooking you with

Conveniently more smartphones are compatible with Facebook home. The trick: The corresponding files are modified so that they skip the testing of device compatibility. Before you begin to play on, you, the Facebook and the Facebook Messenger app uninstall if present from your Smartphone. This will prevent later when overriding software conflicts. Note: Most installed apps not so easily can be factory removed. Here helps only the so-called Mommy, which you unlock more rights.

Knowledge: Smartphone Mommy will not affect Warranty

Facebook home: so uses every cover feed, chat heads & co.

14 steps to set up Facebook home

Requirements for Facebook home

Without at least Android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich) Facebook home to work can bring. The rumor that your device must have a high definition display (1280 x 720 pixels), is not true however. COMPUTER image has install the files successfully on a four inch Smartphone with 800 x 480 pixels. The overview will accompany you step by step through the installation.

Assessment: Facebook Home hand set

The Facebook phone self-made is not a book with seven seals. On the contrary, playing on Facebook home not officially supported devices works surprisingly easy and is done exclusive download in just a few minutes. Just as fast, the Facebook home page are not satisfied can be removed again. For Facebook fans who want to know cover feed and chat heads on Facebook home passes so well. Everyone else was said: Facebook home is worth a try.

Facebook home and Facebook-phone