Facebook Messenger Get Today 1,500 New Emojis

Facebook updates Messenger with 1,500 brand new emojis with possibility to choose skin tones, so you get a better experience across iOS, Android and web.

Something like Facebook often have had to hear, is it something flawed set of emojis included with Messenger app, inter alia. because many of the small, yellow emojis expresses significant other emotionsthan is the case with other emojis from Google, Twitter, Apple, Samsung, etc.
Therefore get Messenger service is now the greats emoji-upgrade. In fact, Facebook has updated and added whole 1,500 emojis, so you no longer see the mysterious squares, if a friend sends you emojis, as his or her smartphone supports, but as your not yet.

Messenger users can now across mobile platforms Android and iOS, as well as on your computer to make use of the same 1,500 emojis, which at the same time has got a proper redesign.

Now reminds the substantially more on good mix of Google and Apple’s emojis, just as you also have the option to keep your finger down on an emoji to select between five different skin tones, in addition to the neutral yellow color.

The new emojis can be found on the left side just above the text box. The small icon that is labeled “Aa”, will be automatically changed to an emoji-shortcut as soon as you are in the text box and in the process of writing a message.

Already from today you can take the new emojis in use, which probably requires a little update of the iOS and Android app.