Facebook Tests Ads In Messenger

Facebook tests ads in Messenger, currently only available in some countries outside Europe. From the experience, it makes Facebook depending on, whether this form of advertising will be extended to other countries.

Facebook has begun to test advertising in the Messenger. This it should be Facebook according to a “little test”, which is limited to selected users in Australia and Thailand.

Companies on the homescreen of the messengers to can with the new form of advertising display advertising. The advertising will include photos in thumbnail size, text, and links.

The advertising is placed below the Favorites and above the currently active contacts. It occupies relatively much space and works on the screenshots quite dominant. The image above this message to show the new form of advertising.

Via the link in the advertisement, the user can obtain more information to the advertised company or product. Or sign up directly for the services offered. Or contact via chat with advertisers in contact. The advertiser will be given but unable, directly attributable to the Messenger users by itself.

Facebook wants to show but no ads within conversations. So it should not be interrupted by advertising. In addition, users should have the opportunity according to Facebook in the Messenger to hide certain advertising or be reported to Facebook.

Currently, over a billion people use the Messenger from Facebook in a month. So, this is a gigantic market for advertisers. Because Facebook has also Whatsapp, no one passes on the Messenger market currently on Facebook.

Facebook will roll out the new form of advertising in the next few weeks on a test group of users in Thailand and Australia. Facebook wants to first evaluate the experience alone, before it thinks about an expansion of advertising on other countries.