Fantastical 2 Test

Input natural language, today-widget and a task management: Fantastical 2 is the calendar powerhouse for iOS. We have the test.

We have fantastical 2 test: every Mac user stumbles sooner or later about this app – on the Mac the story of fantastical has some time ago as an alternative to the still always somewhat unjustly treated calendar program in OS X (formerly: iCal) started. The highlights were always enter dates with natural language and the exceptionally good design – it is no coincidence that “Fantastical 2” for the Mac has just won the “Apple Design Award”.

And what works on the Mac, especially shines on iOS: fantastical 2, separately for iPhone and iPad available sets in many areas standards for mobile calendar apps. So the feature for the fantastical is known, is available on the go – who enters with Siri or the keyboard “Lunch with editors in Stuttgart on Friday at 12”, receives a final appointment, because fantastical recognizes information in natural language.

The configurable today widget for the quick overview of the standing today dates is also top. Fantastical goes yet one step further and allows the selection of each any month and date directly in the widget – so you need to call the calendar app in many cases not even extra. The latter can be but still worth it: with the innovative Dayticker can both horizontally scroll vertically quickly through the agenda and keeps track of it.

On the iPhone reached the monthly overview by swipe of the Dayticker downwards, turning in landscape mode the week view – the iPhone on the 6 plus more comfort offers, because its extended landscape mode is supported.

IPad change between Dayticker, week view and full-screen mode works exactly the same, where you always have the current month in the first two modes at a glance – is hardly more overview. Speaking of more: Fantastical can be addressed by other apps via X-callback URL and allows to the automation of calendar entries and queries (more in connect 4/2015). In this respect is the something expensive calendar powerhouse worth every penny.