Few There Will Be News about Blackberry Smartphones by 2015: Now to Profit

The CEO of BlackBerry, John Chen, said on Reuters that two year plan to recover the good state of health of the company seems to go from strength to strength. Now they are focused on achieving benefits and they will not diversify its catalog launching too many devices.

Chen has made various cuts and has also appealed to the sale of some of its assets, In addition to consolidating agreements to reduce manufacturing costs or sell some properties that remained in Waterloo, Ontario, where are the company headquarters.

According to Chen, once the company begins to make profits, will do everything in its power to never lose money. This Executive who took the reins of the company at the end of 2013, is trying to restore the smooth running of a firm which, in his words, is already going in the right direction:

We survive as a company, I’m pretty sure of it. We have managed the chain of suppliers, inventory, our box, and have expenses also manageable quantities. BlackBerry has survived: now we have to start to look for growth.

Chen also revealed that there is no final decision on the number of devices to be launched in 2015, but said yes in any case a small set of smartphones will be presented It will have great choices to succeed. At least one new device as well as renovated versions of the Passport, Classic and the Z3 are expected. “I am not going to develop a general-purpose device just because you have a 5 inch touch screen. The Chinese can do one for 75 bucks, and I can not get to put together the components needed by those 75 dollars”.