Firefox Home is Approved in the iTunes AppStore

The Apple is redeeming the months and months in which he used his method restricted, confused and double standards to approve (or not) applications on the iTunes AppStore. The company has approved some time ago the competitor’s browser, Opera Mini, and now also missed another plus one of its competitors on the web program: Mozilla. Only this time it was not a full browser, which is a shame.
This is the Firefox Home, an application that serves to synchronize bookmarks, history and tabs open pages a particular version of Firefox for desktop so that they can be easily accessed by mobile Safari iPhone, iPod or iPad. For it to work, you must install the plugin Firefox Sync , create a login, a password and a passphrase in the service and synchronize with the server, first on computer and then in the application.

A disadvantage of the add-on for Firefox is that you can not control when synchronization occurs. So if your history is giant like my (apparently have over 3000 stored addresses), the full synchronization can take. Still, it is worth downloading. The download is free and the application is available in both the American store and in Brazil.

Hey Mozilla, which just now have the full version of Firefox? Will it falls into the hands of one of the least restrictive testers than the others and it ends up being approved? It’s worth trying.

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