First Look at the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge

The first detailed 3-d images of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note-that might get the name Note 7 edge instead of the Note 6-have sprung up.

The rumors swirling in the air about Samsung’s next top model, next-generation Note-phablet, which will compete with Apple’s iPhone-news this fall.

While there has been a lot of information and speculation about the specifications and the name on the phone, there has not yet been specific revelations of design-until now.

The well-known Twitter tipster, OnLeaks, has again along with the company uSwitch created some detailed 3D-models and a corresponding video of the next Samsung Galaxy Note. For the time being go top model under the name of Note 7 edge, because the year get a curved screen, after Samsung has tested two flavors.
The new 3D-model of the Galaxy Note 7 edge confirm that Samsung equips it with the same curved screen which Galaxy S7 edge. The rest of the design also greatly takes off in Galaxy S7 edge, where the only significant differences are the mandatory stylus at the bottom and more interesting to finally change the old Samsung MicroUSB port out with the new and reversible USB Type C-port.

With dimensions measuring 153.5 x 73.9 x 7.9 mm will be there, according to the new information space for a monitor of between 5.7-5.8 “, where the latter size already apparent from earlier rumors.

Another interesting detail is that there is on the 3D images have come two new sensors for front mounted, so now there are four in total, as well as the front camera. It reinforces an earlier rumor that Samsung equips the next Galaxy Note with an iris scanner, so you can unlock the phone up just by looking at it.

To be launched in two months

Almost at the same time as Onleks published the first pictures of the Galaxy Note 7 edge, shared the second Twitter tipster, evleaks, a tweet, in which he writes that the next top model will be launched on exactly two months – so right in early august.

Thus when Samsung probably to get Apple anticipated, as tradition is expected to launch the next iPhone 7 at the beginning of the month of september.