Five Cool Gadgets for Father’s Day

Here are five obese hard packages which can arouse joy when it on Sunday will be the fathers ‘ day.

When it on Sunday the 5. June is fathers day, electronics often discouraged as a father’s gift. Crackling hard packages beats usually soft packages.

Our site brings together therefore good bud on gadgets, smartphones and accessories that can awaken pleasure with any gadgetglad father.

Google Chromecast 2

It occupies not much more an espresso Cup, but gives the new smart-home features, with wireless streaming of video, film and sound to the ground-the altar. You can also mirror your Android mobile to the tv and on the show get games, photos or presentations blown up without the need for cables or other equipment.

The whole thing is streamed through your home WiFi connection and is controlled from an app for iOS or Android. Chromecast 2 costs 320 dollars.


Sony Smartwatch 3

Sony Smartwatch 3 is one of market’s most sporting embossed smart watches you can get. There are both GPS and WiFi on board so there can be kept track of workouts, fitness and notifications with no need to have your phone with jogging or cycling trip.

The special transflective display are easy to decipher both indoors and outdoors and with Android Wear as the operating system is always updated with Google’s latest features. Eventually safer a big battery a long operating time, while a micro-USB makes charging to a point of procedure.

Sony smartwatch has fallen a lot in price since its launch. A fair price at just over a thousand dollars makes it therefore an excellent buy for active dads.

JBL Synchros Reflect BT

What about a give your father something wireless freedom for fathers day? JBL Synchros Reflect is here a good bid, because it combines both excellent sound quality, good operating time and comfortable design in a convenient wireless package.

The design is simple and saves on good headset functions, while a subtle retro stripe along the cable also makes it easier to be seen during jogging or bike trip.

Last price at just under 500 dollars ensures at the same time, full value for money.

Sony SRS-X77

Music in the ears is good, but music in the whole room, Office or cottage is better. And here’s Sony’s SRS-X77 hard to beat.

The minimalist wireless speaker holds a wealth of applications. It can operate autonomously with its own battery which can even charge your smart phone or music player.

SRS-X77 can also be part of a larger multi-room setup via both AirPlay, Google Cast and DLNA.

With a price of around 1,600 kronor is X77 so both design and price strong.

LG Nexus 5 x

One of the market’s best mobile purchases today are also suitable for familiefaren.

The design is functional and both functions and features is at the forefront, although starting price now find themselves less than two thousand dollars.

The camera is strong, the service is top notch and Google’s Nexus-support means that the phone is always updated.