Five Favicons Generators to Your Website or Blog

Not all designers include in the final layout of a site called favicon, the picture accompanying the site URL in the address bar or the icon for when it is included in the favorites tab of a browser.

So often it is up to the website owner himself take charge of making the picture and include it on the page itself, thus avoiding to be shown the standard hosting server icon (as with my personal blog) or no icon appears.

And for the lazy owners of sites or blogs (also include myself), there are favicon generators that take the work of creating the image almost completely. Here are five of the best below.

  1. Favicon Generator Tool

It is on the list to have a simple feature: lets you convert images that already have at favicons. Supports JPG, GIF and PNG (even transparent).


This comes more into the category of creation of favicon. While the site also allows images to be sent, it also gives the option to create an animated favicon, frame by frame. Oh, and this shows an instant preview.


None of the two above mentioned services allows resizing images before saving them. The allows.

  1. Online Icon Maker

Already have the perfect idea for your favicon and he is not the logo of your site? Why then do not draw your image, pixel by pixel. Simply access the link above and start painting. Virtual, of course.

  1. Iconfu

In addition to allowing the publication of a pre-existing image, the above site also has a more than 12,000 favicons library. It also has a revision history, for you to compare old versions of the image before making it permanent.

If you did not like any of these, check out the original post in vision widget blog, which has ten other generators. One of them will certainly be right.