Forecasts and Business, The Most Profitable Applications from Android Market

We are going to continue trying to statistics in Xataka Android, and it is that this time we receive interesting data with applications such as protagonists. In particular, the graphic that we show, lists the categories of applications depending on the volume of business that you have had in the month of August.

The data show that applications to generate more revenue developers are those connected with meteorology and the business. In addition, we will highlight that the first category has many free apps, so it is rightfully the most effective category of applications from Android Market.

The category of business exceeds just the $15,000 of income, while the category of meteorology length exceeds 20,000 dollars revenue in the month of August of the same year.

At the Top10, hovering around the $5000, we also see other important categories such as games, media applications or tools, and productivity. We shall see in future reports things change, since It seems that the games do not have a large volume of business Despite being so prized among users of different platforms.

Thus, with the data in hand, if you are a developer and you are thinking of an application for Android, the most profitable topics You can already know them, so you have no excuse to not throw you into the pool with your applications.