Four Durable Mobiles Tested

Mobile has compared the four mobile phones that will withstand everyday accidents and more.

Ordinary mobile phones provide extremely limited warranties for how much of the harsh realities they can tolerate. To a mobile phone can handle that is dropped on the floor counting well most of them, but it’s actually nothing mobile manufacturer guarantees, and if misfortune strikes, your phone may very well break even by a limited case. The same applies if you talk on the phone outdoors when it is raining. A raindrop in the wrong place can be enough to guarantee no longer applies.

Then there are those rare phone: the durable phone. Phone models that claims to actually cope with both the where rainfall and dropped to the floor, even if there would happen to be a marble floor.

In our supertest, we have four rugged models, and with the exception of one, it is a very even field.

They all have roughly the same dimensions and weight, same features and same price. The Sonim XP2 Spirit is-ringed seal, which is a much larger, heavier, more feature rich and significantly more expensive model.

It may seem unfair to compare it with the others, but go to a mobile store and ask for a durable mobile phone is probably the f these you will have to choose from, and there is therefore no more than reasonable for us to compare them with each other.

The form and buttons

If you are forest workers and will have a mobile phone that can withstand being run over by a forwarder, it is probably just a plus if the phone is large, rough and rugged looks trustworthy. But maybe not if you want it to go down in the back pocket of a pair of jeans. And will be forced to haul up the fumble when it rings and you are at the restaurant would probably prefer that the phone draws your eyes to them because it’s sleek than that it looks to be made of Black & Decker.

Sonim XP2 Spirit fit definitely better next to a cement mixer than at the bar. The phone is big, heavy and looks to withstand a nuclear war. The material is varied, metal, hard plastic and tough rubber, and the design feels really conceived to withstand most things. The keys are slightly recessed in a hard frame that protects them, but it is the real buttons are properly raised and has good touch feeling. Possible-a four-way controller feels a bit too small in comparison. The screen is of the armored glass that you can actually hack on with a pair of scissors without scratching.


The two Samsung phones differ in appearance in small details, in other respects, they are very similar to each other. Both have rounded edges and corners, and a shell in a little softer plastic that gives the impression of sustaining some blows without being scratched. Phone looks a bit like a bike or orienteering accessories. Maybe not something you flap to impress your friends with, but the phones are fairly easy to style.

Both B2700 and B2100 have keypads that consists of a one-piece rubberized surface with the buttons below. It works pretty good in practice, the buttons are properly separated and have completed approved pressure feeling.

Nokia 3720 Classic is the only phone in the test that could pass as a normal mobile phone. One could even argue that it is quite neat. The phone has rounded forms and is really nice in the hand. A metal frame at the front makes the buttons and screen are slightly recessed, anything that helps to protect the front from scratches.

The keys on the Nokia phone are among the most beautiful on the cell phones I’ve ever tested, resistant or not. They are large, easy to separate without looking at them, and have really nice touch feeling. It is only the volume buttons on the side that is a little harsh. Nevertheless, 3720 Classic from to get the highest score in this category.

System and basic functions

Most people who buy a cell phone usually say that they only want it to make and that perhaps messa, even more for those who want a durable phone. Send sms and make calls, you can of course do with almost all mobile phones, the test included, but it can of course be different pleasurable depending on how the address book, sms-function and the system in General is posted.

Both Samsung phones have been on the market for a while, but even when they were new felt phone system particularly fresh. Rather got the impression that they brought in a couple of years old mobile platform and set a tough shell around.

This applies in particular to the Samsung B2100. What do you notice when you look at your phone and see the low-resolution screen. The impression is confirmed when you dial a number or type a text message and the phone is having trouble keeping up with the same pace as you press the buttons. It is not difficult to find in the phone’s menu system (there are so few features that it’s hard to get lost), but in addition to the main menu is the most lists of lines of text to scroll around.

Because of the low resolution screen, often only one word per menu item, location, and you have to wait while the text slowly scrolls by to see what option does. It has happened a lot with the ease of use of mobile phones in recent years, we’ve noticed also on how cumbersome it can feel to enter a number in the address book or send a sms with this phone. The sound of the phone sounds good but sound a bit shrill.

In comparison feels Samsung B2700 considerably fresher. Screen resolution and system reaches at least up to the 2007 standard. The phone feels faster in response, which makes it easier to put up with menus and text-handling that still feels a bit yxiga. It is also easier to forgive the text-based menus when the text fits on the screen. But even higher screen resolution, it had probably been able to call on the phone that it’s more than a year old. Once again, the sound is loud but a bit shrill.

Smaller manufacturers like the Sonim usually rarely have the same resources to develop elegant menu system as the major manufacturers, and with the expectations, surprises the XP2 Spirit positively. The system feels well thought out that Samsung’s, and making and managing your contacts are as comfortable as you could wish for. For noisy environments have the phone an extra strong speaker.

When writing sms sits maybe not all functions which are used to, but on the other hand, there are some clever details, which elegantly switching between to turn on t9. A small minus, however, is that the screen has quite a poor viewing angle.

Nokia phone has the old proven system Series 40 in its latest version, and the phone feels new and fresh in the shell. The system itself has many years of history, but Nokia has constantly trimmed it in time, and it contains many clever features. For example, shortcuts to the phone’s home screen, and one may wonder why they are not turned on by default, but is something the user must locate the configuration options.

There is no doubt that it’s nice to call and text with Nokia phone, and one notices the extra clear when you compare with the other phone in the test. Call quality is nothing wrong, either if you make or receive calls.

A function that is not irrelevant when to call is if the phone has 3 g. Partly because it has a greater chance to get good coverage if you have two networks to choose from than if you only have one, and because call quality over 3 g is a little better than over gsm. Of the tested the phones do not have Samsung B2100 and Nokia 3720 Classic 3 g.

Other features

For those who want to be able to do more than just make phone calls and send text messages, it becomes immediately a little bit trickier. Rugged phones is unfortunately known to be able to offer the basic functionality and not much more.

Worst off is it with Samsung B2100, but without any features phone is not. Music player and memory card slot is available, as well as fm radio. Camera is also available, so they have covered most of the Extras people usually use, even if the camera resolution allows the pictures best suited for mms. Apart from that there are really only features like calendar, stopwatch and alarm. Well, a ficklampsfunktion is also available.

Samsung B2700 can perform all of the above and then some. 2 megapixel camera instead of 1.3, but any major improvement in the quality of the image is not. A little more fun features are instead the altimeter, compass and pedometer. Features leading associations to hiking, and we would like to have some kind of map function also. GPS would be extra nice, but only maps would be a plus. There is not, probably, it is the low screen resolution that puts an end. Screen resolution also puts an end to any kind of enjoyable internet experience, despite the fact that the phone has 3 g.

Nokia 3720 Classic has maps, Nokia Maps (or Ovi Maps as they are in the process of renaming to) is now a standard feature of all Nokia phones. Some gps are not available, but if you want you can connect a bluetooth gps, you can also use maps without a position to orientate themselves on the old fashioned way.

Nokia 3720 also has fm radio and music player, and even included memory card. Camera photo lamp, but performs only marginally better than the Samsung phone. The lamp can also be used as a torch (flashlights on Samsung phones cannot be used as photo lights, it has the wrong placement). The preinstalled Web browser Opera Mini compresses data from Web pages before they are sent over the mobile network, and provides a reasonable internet experience even though 3 g missing. Plus in the edge to Nokia for sending with a bluetooth headset in the bargain to 3720 Classic.

Sonim XP2 Spirit despite that has more artisan profile than the other phones also have the fm radio, music player and space for memory cards. Camera photo light which is also the most powerful flashlight. Sonimkameran has the highest resolution but it performs no better pictures. Images, even with the highest image quality, hårdkomprimeras to take up little space. The end result is that all four cameras are about as bad, regardless of resolution.

Sonimtelefonen also has the Opera Mini browser, and in combination with turbo 3 g and decent screen resolution makes the XP2 Spirit to the best surfmobil. Mapping software is also available on mobile phones, but no gps. Otherwise, it is thinly between the extra features.

Resistance, wet conditions

All phones in the test are certified to withstand any kind of wetness. This is done by ip rating – are written ip followed by two digits, the first digit indicates the protection against dust and other protection against moisture.

Samsung B2700 and Nokia 3720 Classic has protection class ip54, where fourth grade means that the phones are tight against spraying water. This means that, for example, they are capable of standing out in the rain and talking to them, but not flushing them with tap or dipping them in water.

Samsung B2100 has protection class ip57 and Sonim XP2 ip67, where seventh grade means they can be immersed in water up to 1 meter for up to half an hour. Meet the it in practice? We have exposed the phones for three water test. They’ve got bat around in the snow thoroughly. We have showered them in two minutes. And we have let them lie in the bath for half an hour. The last branch of course avoid Samsung B2700 and Nokia 3720, who instead will get points deduction.

On most mobile battery is a small purple adhesive label. If exposed to the slightest moisture begins to paint smudge. Tag is for human resourses management.-s to see if your phone has been exposed to moisture damage, for which generally apply to the warranty.

We have used the same method. That is to say, except that we check the phone seems to work after water therapy, we open the battery cover and check to see if it got into any moisture.

After performing the test, we can only conclude that all phones seem to deliver what they promise. Because the Samsung B2100 And the Sonim XP2 Spirit promises more, they may also get a higher grade.

Resistance, shock

All four phones in the test is reported to be extra durable against shock. Samsung and Nokia speaks only in general terms about how shock resistant phone, Sonim XP2 Spirit while stating that is guaranteed to survive a drop onto concrete from 2 m in height.

We conducted a bump test in three parts. We have released the phone from about 1 meter height in a marble staircase three times. The vertical drop is not so high, but it gets more bounce with some force. Then we run the phone for 20 minutes in a clothes dryer. A test that is not unlike the mobile manufacturers themselves exposing their phones in their test lab. In the third part, we tossed the phone on the asphalt with ice and gravel was five times.

The purpose of these tests is not just to see if the phones are for guys, but also to see how scratch resistant they are. It’s good if the phone can withstand shocks, but even nicer if they do it without looking tarnished out afterwards.

Stair test passes all phones but worse results than that they close by in case once (B2100 and XP2) or the battery door goes up (B2700). Nokia phone looks a bit luggad out afterwards, the other is like new. On a previous occasion, when we tested the Nokia 3720 Classic in a similar way, went the battery door broken, but it does not happen this specimen.

When four phones, pumping around in the dryer comes off some debris and sand stuck in bars and helps to give the phone a real reptest. All four comes out of the tumbler fully functioning after 20 minutes. When it dried off the dust looks the Sonim XP2 Spirit almost as new. Even Samsung-phone look fresh out at first glance. Examining them more closely, you see, however, that the corners become a bit tarnished, and the screens are scratched. Most repos have a B2100, B2700 doing better then the screen is slightly recessed.

Nokia 3720 Classic, however, begins to look pretty shabby. Both plastic and metal parts has gained a lot of scratches. But the frame around the front have protected both buttons and screen so well that if you study the phone front would still be able to pass as new.

Asphalt test alters nothing. Sonimtelefonen still looks like new after that spoof of it under the tap. Other phones have received some new scratches, but they all work.

Winner: Sonim XP2 Spirit

All phones in the test has merit. See only the first three categories in the test, the Nokia 3720 Classic clear the highest rating. If you want a small and flexible phone that is waterproof, it is Samsung B2100. Do you want a rugged, low cost 3 g phone is Samsung B2700 is the best choice. But if you weigh together durability and function becomes the Sonim XP2 Spirit is this the winner.