Foxconn Denies the Return of Millions of iPhones

ZDNet had recently business news appealed to the Chinese website of China reported about the faulty iPhones. According to the Chinese article is five to eight million faulty Smartphones that went back mid March to the manufacturer. Apple has therefore returned the phones because of problems with the appearance and the functionality. ZDNet writes further that it was not the first time, that Foxconn would have problems in complying with the quality standards. The fast growth and the expansion of the manufacture its for the production difficulties responsible as a source from company circles stated.
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Denial by Foxconn

After the information of China had been picked up by many media business news, there was a denial by Foxconn now how tech in Asia report: XING Zhiping, spokesman for Foxconn , therefore explained the number of returned iPhones for wrong. Of course the number of faulty phones would not be zero, it is impossible that a factory had high error rates. There is sufficient control mechanisms that would prevent this. Apple still not commented back iPhones reporting.

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Setback for Foxconn

It should turn out that the number of defective iPhones is still correct, Foxconn would have to reckon at the expense of up to 197 million euro ZDNet according to. This sum would have concluded, should the company fix all eight million defective iPhones must. The amount is equivalent to about two-thirds of the profit generated in the year 2012 the Foxconn Division, which is responsible for the production of iPhones. The cost of a unit is about 25 euro. Model of the iPhone series with defective phones are, it is not clear.