Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 LTE Test

Samsung brings its new flagship of Tablet on the market with the Galaxy tab S2 9.7 LTE. Can the flask in the new format build on the success of its predecessor?

Surprise in the test: the Samsung Galaxy tab S2 in a new format comes along. It was almost predictably, but end up surprising – after Samsung his tablets for years with a display in movie friendly 16:10-format under the buyer has brought, there is now to report a change of strategy. The Koreans put in their tablets from now on on the 4:3-format, with the Apple its iPads already from the beginning to equip. The advantages are obvious, is the appearance of Web pages, E-books and documents but rather on this display format.

The Galaxy tab A 9.7 LTE was the first Samsung with this new alignment, now the brand new premium flagship is 9.7 LTE for 599 euros with the Galaxy tab S2 practice connect.

Hip flask with great display

The designers and engineers have been big trouble anyway, because the Galaxy tab S2 comes 9.7 LTE with real model mass. The elegantly styled S2 despite robust glass front on the scale weighs only surprisingly light 387 grams, a height of under six millimeters makes a super-light flask the Galaxy tablet.

This is joined by a proper processing with noble metal frame to the display bezel. The back carries a mat and rubberized coating and offers as a very good grip in the hand of the user.

The Super flat design and the low given the size of the display weight however have taken their toll on the battery issue. The Energizer has while ordinary 5870 mAh, which reached 9.7 LTE Galaxy tab S2 endurance measurements in the laboratory but only 6:16 hours in practical display mode and leaves many points in this discipline and in the final bill.

Like the Galaxy-tab-S models, an OLED screen is 9.7 LTE in the S2 used. The measured 9.7-inch diagonal display resolution is fine 1536 x 2048 pixels, the pixel density is 265 ppi. The subjective brightness of the test unit was huge and should provide the new benchmark for OLED displays in the soon following laboratory test. The contents presented by the Bank with crisp sharpness, saturated colours and intense black.

The user can also choose equal from five different screen modes – so presets -, including a special reading mode, which should make for relaxed book hours with reduced brightness and a soft shade of yellow can be found.

Eight cores, memory full

But like not only the look of the new Galaxy, can convince even the inner values. So will the in-house eight-core platform of Exynos 5433 ever four 1.9 GHz and 1.3 GHz fast cores to the operating speed happy in every situation. In combination with the 3 GB memory is then also the multitasking application to take advantage of multi window smoothly.

On the issue of space, Samsung shows in a real party mood. So the test device offers not only 24 GB of free internal memory, which is also a slot on the side of the device with a micro SD memory card can be extended, but also for two years lush 100 GB cloud storage with Microsoft one drive.

Also the remaining Assembly of tab S2 can be seen. So, the Samsung tablet with a well-functioning fingerprint in the home key, a LTE radio unit along with telephony operations and an 8-megapixel camera on the back can be used. There is a sensor with 2.1 megapixel on the front for Selfies and video chats.

Great user interface

On the part of the software the Galaxy tab S2 offers 9.7 LTE Samsung tablets and Smartphones known freedoms, regarding the design of the optics and the arrangement of functions. The main menu has been cleared up, the operation of the Android manages exemplary simply 5.0.2 model. A special feature is the really great tasking mode, where one can use two programs at the same time on the screen and go to really productive in the full. For this purpose it is enough to press and hold the operating surface of the “recent apps”, then you can select the desired functions.

With the Galaxy tab S2, Samsung has a hot contender for the Crown of the tablet in store 9.7 LTE.

Good results in the laboratory test

Despite low construction height of less than six millimeters, material design, build quality and stability of the Galaxy tab S2 convince 9.7 LTE. The Samsung tablet was stiff and yielded little to the bending attacks of the tester.

The screen display is beyond any doubt and sets the content skilfully. The Samsung own Touchwiz user interface of the Andoid 5.0.2 model can be operated intuitively, so that even beginners and amateurs will have no problem to cope with the Samsung.

In total the Galaxy tab S2 ‘good’ 9.7 LTE achieved finally 376 points and the note verbale.