Gameloft Prepares Iron Man 3 for Android on 25 April

The developer Gameloft is preparing the release of Iron Man 3 both IOS and Android on April 25, just before the premiere of the film in the United States.

The game will put you in the role of the superhero that will cover various scenarios flying and destroying all enemies, as you can check on a trailer that you have published your developers.
The video game It will not give too many clues about the film, and indeed the action seems to always pass in the same way, with an Iron Man who will be flying at full speed these scenarios while it destroys everything that gets in your way.

Although Gameloft has normally released their games in the first place for iOS and then for Android, it seems that this time they will meet its intention to begin to carry out joint releases on both platforms, something that has been confirmed in a message on Twitter. We leave you with the video game trailer.