Gauder Berlina RC3 in the Test

After the test of the Gauder Berlina RC 3 with a bass cabinet, the question arises: why should you spend much money for man-sized Floor standing speaker? If you can invest the same amount also for compact noble boxes?

The Berlina RC 3 is the compressed meeting of all compact box virtues – and would have to be in fact the Super seller of family. And that they might have. Because of two facts we have not mentioned yet: the Berlina is brand new and completely closed.

Bass reflex: Pros and cons

Odd: Most designers take the trick the bass reflex design as unavoidable truth. This does not apply, says Dr. Roland Gauder mastermind and introduces a long list, why you should avoid a bass reflex port.

Basically, a bass reflex port is nice, because she can more wrest still an octave in the depth to so a small six-liter package. But not only low pressure, but also midrange share coming from the tube. In the worst, but common case, so a speaker stands wall close shelf – what can be even harder to thrive the breeding ground for discoloration. But without the tube I would forego on just those important presence in the depth. “Not necessarily,” interjects Dr. Gauder. He thinks and designed differently. Gabi is a high-pass second-order before the bass chassis.

Officially listening to a fourth-order box. The Berlina RC 3 out of the amplifier, which has slightly more Travis and provides three decibels in the bass take the additional Octave in the depth. No problem for most modern amplifiers, but a closed compact boxes for immense profit.

Housing: namesake sedan

The cry of “I’m a Berlina” is actually an allusion to the capital. Most importantly, the Italians call the automotive shape of a classy limousine. A Berlina is a floor with fine leather seats, large displacement and well cushioned shock absorbers. No deep laid, uncomfortable sports cars.

What also fits the three sister, who has been on Gauder. These are all closed, but also high level boxes. There, the question does not necessarily arises according to the depth of the bass. The Berlina RC 11, for example, leads the series and is a giantess with over two meters of height at 212 kilograms in weight. The RC 3 comes out with 16 kilograms. The proud dimensions, are brave for a Kompaktling but for a closed construction. Or how small a classy limousine can be?

If we continue try the comparison with the automotive industry, we eventually arrive at the engine. That is extraordinary in the Berlina RC 3. Insider quickly recognize the membranes: it looks like the deli by Thiel & partner – and it is also. Brand in the woofers and the tweeters Accuton ceramic membranes.


Who wants to create 6000 euros for the pair partout, can can be used in the height also diamond membranes. It must not be. Because they are subject to the same specifications, Gauder embeds subsequently they on request in the case. The switch controls both identical. Even the turnout: the membranes were the Pistons of the engine, so the perhaps more important dual role of clutch and gear would be the turnout. Gauder builds them from over 20 items, separate work areas extremely steep sided with 50 decibels per octave at 3400 Hertz. Here someone aspires to phase precision with minimal overlap. Many near-field Studio Monitor should be jealous.

Sound: The power decides

In the description of the sound, you could increase the tension slowly and tacking – or just let out the superlative: one of the best compact monitors that played in our listening room. Great especially in his relaxed naturalness. Nothing seemed to him too hard for the large-format presentation – the panoramic illustration as well as in the inner harmonic structure. Paul McCartney has set up a complicated album with “Kisses On The Bottom”.

Most speakers that sounds noble, but sometimes rigid. All songs, who admired the young McCartney on the radio and now wanted to swing. The CD is good, the double-LP (Concord/universal) better. If the high end chain to much gloss on it, the drive in the upper bass is dwindling. If the bass puts too much pressure to the front, the area around important cubic meters is collapsing. The interaction between amplifier and speaker decides.

Gauder entrusted the Accuton – ceramic membranes and binds them as complex as idiosyncratically: db decouples from the ground lead of the amplifier, extremely steep slope side separately with 50 per octave. In addition, a subsonic filter attaches from 20 hertz.

The concept of the Berlina RC 3 harmonized in our test with an also limited; Speed and willingness to perform two large Mono proved to be transistors as the better choice. Interesting, what was not there: just a murmur in the highest treble, but always physicality plus room. With the voice well ahead of the membrane level – almost an acoustic illusion. It seems even in the face of the measurement results to be concept: rather taken back dealing with the presence of the heights, the fixation on relaxing centers.

Harmony of the chassis

We again cross compared with almost equal to large, but easily built Arcona 40 from the Gauder-Katalog. Der dealing with the overtone spectrum is an ideal of the companies apparently, but the sovereign unity of spatial figure could not reach the Arcona.

It is the perfect distressed interplay of the chassis in the Berlina RC 3. Here there was not the breath of a timing irritation – that sounded so harmoniously, closed, fine as the best coax chassis.


In celebration of the working day we laid still a classic silver disc: Shostakovich, Seventh Symphony, newly recorded by the Russian National Orchestra under Paavo Järvi (SACD, Pentatone). On the dynamic peak, even standing speakers begin to sweat and to compress (and also to cry in the worst case). The Berlina remained on course: scaled, far, rousing.

One of the strongest reasoning AIDS for the Compact. It shows that it’s even without bass reflex port. Why spend so much money on man-sized Floorstanding speaker? If you can create the same sum for compact aluminium boxes.