Geneva AeroSphere S in the Test

The AeroSphere S of Geneva can be mono, stereo and use in multi-room operation. In addition to the elegant design, especially the sound open spatial convinced free installation of the stereo set.

For our test, we have chosen the model S from the AeroSphere series of Geneva: two copies, which can in stereo mode. It works with the Geneva AeroSphere app via AirPlay from iTunes music content or – in conjunction with the available as extra base – also from the fact sources CD, DAB + / FM or aux-in integrated. DLNA server from home network music access is also possible via Wi-FI. Regardless of Wi-FI/AirPlay also only a can be controlled via Bluetooth radio. It is transmitted to apt X-encoding.

A special focus, Geneva has placed on the design: so are tensioned to the almost spherical speaker with substance and sit on an elegant metal base. But a network connection is not required, a cable connection between the two stereo speakers.

Its cable can be traced to invisible about an available as an extra base, which allows a very elegant-looking installation in the room. The delivery includes a design strong remote control made of aluminium.

The equipment includes a digital amplifier with DSP for sound optimization as well as a 10-cm low midrange and a tweeter.

Hearing test

In the listening test the AeroSphere couple presented is balanced, the slightly restrained centers recognizable in the frequency impacted sound positively. The AeroSphere can hardly provide deep bass, also it is hitting in the bass range most likely their level limits. The strength lies in the very good spatial and the detailed illustration.