Giga Flat-Rate: XL Units for SMS, Calls and Surfing Including Top Cell Phone

Great mobile, super price: our site and Simyo have put together an exclusive package for you. You get for only 16,90 euros per month (24 months) a telephone, Internet and SMS-flat and the Samsung Galaxy S4, which occupies a leading position in the COMPUTER screen leaderboard. Pay as much in other tariffs already without extra cell phone! Send unlimited SMS messages every month with the PeopleSoft XL flat in the E-plus network or make calls: as long as you remain less than 400 units (minutes and SMS), you pay nothing extra.

Six months for free until 30 June 2014 to get PeopleSoft XL tariff!

Surfing speed to 100 Mbps

For Internet surf you receive a large volume of data of one gigabyte per month. In some German cities, you can surf in the LTE network E-plus up to 100 megabits per second (Mbps). In all other regions, they are usually with maximum 42.2 Mbps (DC-HSPA +) en route.

Your price: 16,90 euro Galaxy S4

Computer image users get PeopleSoft XL flat rate for 16.90 EUR per month (one-time connection fee: 1 euro). Normally, when Simyo, already the fare costs only 15.90 euro per month (with Samsung Galaxy S4: 29.90 euros). If you stick with it after the 24-month minimum term, you will pay monthly only 15.90 euro. To keep your Galaxy S4 Smartphone, in any case. For more details on the tariff, see the overview table below.

Exclusive: backup now Giga flat with Samsung Galaxy S4

Calls and SMS satellite

Use your 400-including units, discretion for SMS or phone calls. Call for example 250 minutes a month you can send still 150 SMS. Have you used your generous quota of 400-including units, you pay each nine cents for each call minute in all German networks or any other sent SMS.

More surf volume

You want to stream many movies with your Samsung Smartphone and a gigabyte of data volume with maximum data speed is not enough for you? For three euro per month, you will receive one gigabyte for Internet high speed and if you need even more data volume, you can download more 1 GB packages for three euros each.

So you can get your flat and your cell phone

offers the Simyo PeopleSoft XL tariff

Provider Simyo tariff line XL network E-plus calls up to 400 free minutes per month (depending on your SMS usage), price per additional per minute: 9 cents in the German fixed network clocking (“60/60”) SMS up to 400 minutes free SMS per month (depending on your phone minutes usage), price per additional SMS: 9 cent flat rate for Internet Yes , 1 gigabyte per month, including speed up to 1 gigabyte per month up to 7.2 Mbps (from 1 gigabyte per month 56 Kbps). Monthly fee six months free of charge, from the 7th month: 15.90 euro (25 month: 15.90 euro) connection fee (one-off) 1 euro shipping fee (once only) no portability Yes, in principle, possible. Simyo pays up to 25 Euro bonus. Minimum term 24 months period of notice of 3 months to the end of each calendar year, not earlier than 3 months at the end of the minimum term