Gmail Gets Custom Wallpaper

The Gmail is even closer to allow the user to do whatever you want with your interface. The novelty of the time is the possibility of also customize the wallpaper of the service Google.

See how is an image released by the company.

I must say that in this particular case, until there is so ugly. My experience with this feature, however, is another: I tried to send some images – at high resolution, it is clear – I have on my machine. The result was disastrous, to use the simplest of adjectives!

Customizing Gmail themes is not something now. Long time users have a palette of colors available to choose how links, texts and other visual items webmail will be displayed.

It is to try to personalize your Gmail? Go to the settings of the service and click the themes tab. Then choose the option to create your own theme. And good luck! Who has courage, who feel free to post in the comments link to the screenshot that made this work of art (or not, we’ll see …). I had all this courage.