Google Already Prepares Your Face Wash with New Blog and New Strategy

October 4 is presented as a before and an after for Google. The famous search engine company will present its new strategy in which bet by their own devices to compete face to face against Apple.

This change in strategy needs a new showcase to publicize their new products to consumers, and so Google has already released its new blog official The Keyword.

The Keyword | Google

The Keyword It is the new blog that Google will have all the news from all of its products, including Android. Already there are blogs that had Google separately from each of its products such as Android, Gmail, Maps, Drive, Chrome, YouTube and cia through the Blogspot platform. The official blog of Android no longer exists, this you now redirects directly to the section of the new blog of Google Android.

The new Google blog is much more visual and modern, with sections to see the latest news, the best articles or news by the products or themes.

Striking image of head of the presentation of the blog where there are characters of games like Super Mario, Zelda, Megaman, or Pac-man. I bet the new Google of truth in video games?

Made by Google

The Keyword It will be the blog where the next Tuesday October 4 Google us will flood with news of new releases that occur during the event Made by Google. Is there expected the presentation of the new mobile Pixel and Pixel XL, the new version of Android 7.1 Nougat, the new Chromecast, Google WiGi router and the presentation of Andromeda.