Google Buys Communication Services in Real Time

The Google announced on Tuesday the company purchased Global IP Solutions for the paltry sum of $ 68.2 million (amount equivalent to the change of R $ 120 million). Specialized in communication systems in real time, the company currently offers its VoIP system for clients such as Yahoo, AOL or Lotus Conference and last month announced it would be the first to provide video chats for the platform Android.

“The Web is evolving quickly as a platform for developers and conversations in real-time audio and video are becoming an important tool for users,” said the web giant’s engineering director, Rian Liebenberg. Already Emerick Woods, CEO of the newly acquired company gives hints of what may come around in the near future, “Google Together, we are looking ahead and will continue to develop communication systems based on the web.”

Either way, the web giant seems to have great expectations for the Global IP Solutions. According to information from Business Wire, the amount paid by the web giant in the company was 142% higher than its value market according to its share price in the month of March.

For users, rumors indicate that in addition to producing a communication tool for your handheld devices, Google may be eyeing the technology to combine services such as Voice and Talk, for example, and make them available in a service basically We hosted in the cloud.