Google Is Becoming Aggressive When Implementing Its Products and That It Is Not Good

If we recall the story of Google is based on simplicity and good services. He has never had to make aggressive moves to implement its products. The search engine worked very well and the market ate. Gmail was a revolution and the people moved en masse. Android was a breath of fresh air and It has been a total win. But that is changing.

Google has had failures in the past (Google Wave, Google +) and has taken the decision of promote your new products with new strategies. And that I don’t like very much, the best for a product triumph is the same quality.

Allo & Pixel, the exponents of the new strategy

Recently there have been two significant cases. The first was the launch of Allo and aggressive technique “App Preview Messaging”. We have already had it here, this feature allows send messages to people who have installed the application and they receive a notification with the message and a button to install it and thus be able to respond.

Personally, I think an excessively aggressive method to ensure that an application is installed en masse. And what’s more, convinced users nor it seems to me a good thing. Looking at the list of contacts not can be differentiated who really have it installed and who is going to receive a message of this style, so we are contributing to the “spam” from Google.

We have also seen this turn of Google in the presentation of the new terminal of Google, the Pixel. We were already used to that Nexus terminals had certain things in exclusive, like the camera, the launcher and anything else. But now the thing has gone further, with the new version of Google Now, the much-anticipated Google Assistant.

Google Assistant is the future of Google, an interactive search engine that promises to revolutionize how we relate with Google. It is the awaited improvement of Google Now that promises to take us where no wizard has previously been possible. After generating much expectation in the Google I/o now is that for a time it will be exclusively with the Pixel.

Wrong strategy

The problem with all this is that Google tries to push us to use their products in certain segments that perhaps we don’t want to use them. You can be comfortable with Whatsapp but suddenly a friend sends us a message with Allo (because you think we have it installed) and have just installed it. We use Google Assistant but we must buy a Pixel to enjoy it.

Y is a wrong strategy. If Google wants everyone to use Allo and Pixel should create great products that people are eager to use. This has happened in the past, no one has pushed us to use Google, Gmail, Android or Chrome, the products were good.

This does not mean that Google should not use marketing and advertising their products well. Chrome did it and it worked well, but it did not prevent to use the search engine to that used other browsers (which now does with Google Asisstant).

It is true that in these two areas (Messaging and mobile phones), the competition is brutal and that Google is late. But there was also competition when he presented the successful products and managed to eat the market. Use convoluted strategies can be used for a while but it is not enough. So no, Google.