Google Maps App: Getting Started And Simple Tricks

The Navi-app Google maps shows you the fastest way from point A to B.We will tell you in a step by step instructions how to set up the application and use for your route planning.

To use the popular Google Maps navigation application, must download this Google play store – of course only, if your phone still not using the application.

Open the play store app for this purpose, and in the search bar, type “Google Maps”;Select the appropriate program, and then tap “Install”. Then touch the “Open” button to start the application.

Step 1: enable GPS location

You can use Google maps for navigation, you must enable the GPS tracking on your Smartphone. To do this, open the settings on your mobile device and scroll to the point of “Users”. Here opt for the “Location” option, and make sure that the slider behind “On” is selected.

Step 2: save important places

Google maps offers the possibility, often frequented places such as your home and your workplace in the app store. So you can access to repeatedly on the respective addresses, without having to type it again and again on the new. Open for the Google Maps application and then the app menu on the three parallel lines in the search bar in the upper-left corner. Tap the item ‘My places’. Under ‘Home’, you can now enter your address and see “Work” that your work place. Simply touch the respective button, and then typing the respective address. Naturally, the information entered can be subsequently removed or change. On the three points right leave the addresses to edit or delete.

Also the symbols that identify your workplace or at home on a map, can be individually adjusted. Tap the option “Reshape symbol for work” or “Symbol for home redesign” for this. Now many different designs to choose from are: including several houses, a lighthouse, an igloo, a castle, a tent or a windmill. Select the desired icon, and confirm the action then right below the screen with the button “Save”.

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Step 3: plan navigatio

To plan a new route, open the Google Maps app and type the destination address in the search bar above. The application then automatically determines the shortest route from your current location to your destination, you will be now displayed on the map. To start the navigation or to make further adjustments to the route planning, tap the round blue button with the car icon below right.

At the top of the screen you can see the starting point and the destination point of your planned navigation. You can now change both by simply tapping on the respective button and enter an alternate address.

Including the various modes of transport are listed, you can choose for your navigation: car, public transport, on foot, by taxi or bike. Of course, the route change depending on the mode of transport. Tap the desired means of transport. The map gives you an overview of the different track variations and the estimated driving times per means of transport. Touch the route you want to navigate.

Also stops can now plan on Google maps: touch the three dots next to the starting point for this, and opt for the option “Add stopover”. The letter “C” now either enter the address of your stopovers or vote for him on the map. If desired, other stops can be schedule.

The order of the individual destinations can be changed. Type this on a stopover, and drag it to the desired position. Made all information concerning transport, request route, stops, start the navigation on the small blue arrow right at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: use Google maps offline

To save data volume or to avoid expensive roaming charges while abroad, you can use Google maps offline. For this, you must however download the corresponding map area before navigation so that you can access it later.

Use the search bar or the GPS function to set your starting point for navigation. Then open the main menu with a tap on the menu button top left. Now select the option “Offline maps”. It will open a map with your starting position and a blue-rimmed square window. Place the cut-out so that both your home-how is also your destination point within the selected range.

Unfortunately, you can not arbitrarily increase the desired section. So, the maximum size of an offline map is 120 000 square kilometres. If it is too small for the line you want, you must download multiple maps in an emergency. Then, rename the file so that you keep the overview. The loaded cards are valid 29 days each. Only a navigation in the area of the stored offline maps is possible for disabled mobile data.

Tip: Offline navigation with Google maps – how to’s

Offline from one place to another to navigate, you open the app. Google maps determined your location using the GPS feature of your phone. Now against you above in the search bar the destination one. Bottom right the estimated times will appear under the car symbol. Tap the auto icon and the application shows the planned route.But be careful: Without an Internet connection you cannot use as a pedestrian, cyclist or if you are traveling by public transport, the navigation services!

To toll roads, avoiding motorways or ferries, tap the three dots next to the bar, your starting point is specified in the upper-right corner. Under “Options”, select the desired functions with hooks. Now start the navigation using the arrow icon bottom right.

Also when using the offline maps is the language edition available, which we already know from Google maps. Also let’s look at the steps of navigation in text form: this only briefly touch on the white bar at the bottom, also the remaining journey time as well as the kilometres to be covered and the calculated arrival time are specified in the.