Google Nexus 4: New Version with LTE and 32 Gigabytes of Memory?

The blog Sidhtech reported that Google Developers Conference probably introduces a new version of the nexus 4 I/O in May. The space should have doubled to 32 gigabytes; as mobile communications standard, LTE should be used. Critics were often troubled by the low memory, as well as the missing LTE. The latter caused mainly in the United States for displeasure.

Nexus 4 running Android 5.0

CNet reported that the revised nexus 4 already with key lime pie as the name of the fifth version of Android to be equipped. However, new rumors have doubts whether Google actually introduces the new operating system on the I/O. In addition is a new coat of paint in the conversation: the unit shall be in addition to the usual black in white available.

Google nexus 4

Nexus 5 on Google I/O unlikely

Earlier rumors indicating that Google presents nexus 5 in May. It spoke against the product cycle of the equipment: so far, the nexus Smartphone appeared always in winter. In addition, this is only for November 2012 on the market nexus 4. The current rumors about the new version of the nexus 4 seem plausible. The device has always been a disabled LTE chip. Also, photos of a white nexus 4 surfaced on the Internet.

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Google nexus 4 offers a well processed housing a fast processor, a current operating system, a great display. The operation goes fast by the hand. The Smartphone aims in terms of facilities on the upper class and attacked even the middle class with an extremely reasonable starting price. The combination has the makings of a bestseller. The memory is not expandable however, photo quality lags behind the competition. (According to the test procedure until October 2014 the test Note 2.08 was) Order this product at Amazon Pro large display very high resolution fast work pace liquid control are many video file formats again good sound to the headphones output of scratch-resistant display scratch Festival back contra no memory card slot battery no LTE does not simply replace some weak reception weak photo quality test note of Editor 2.58 satisfying user rating (out of 2 reviews)