Google Office Ransacked: Accused of Tax Fraud

Google’s Paris Office being searched by the French tax authorities. The search giant is being accused of tax evasion of billions.

Over a hundred French tax inspectors today embarked on a search of Google’s French headquarters in Paris. It writes our site.

According to French policy, cutter has run the operation since this morning, while Google has not yet commented on the matter.

Cause to be carried out is located in an outstanding between Google and the French tax authorities as accusing the search giant of having outstanding at 1.6 billion euros in unpaid tax, equivalent to 12 billion dollars.

The dispute between the French authorities and Google goes back to June last year, in which the search giant is suspected of funneling French revenue to Ireland where fiscal conditions are more favourable.

Google in breach of EU

In the United Kingdom, Google has come under similar accusation. The dispute was resolved with a one-time payment to the British tax authorities on 130 million pounds, an agreement which has since been heavily criticized by

The French demand comes in the wake of the antitrust accusations from the European Commission and the Commissioner for competition, Margarethe Luther by Lucas Cranach Vestager, which can result in a fine requirements of up to 49 billion kroner.