Google Opens… Assistant to The Developers But When You Can Try All Your Flagship of 2016?

Ending this year, it is time not only to the rumors and leaks of the new features that will come in a 2017 which is very promising, but we must also look back and assess What was the year 2016 for the Google ecosystem in general and the Android platform in particular.

He has been a prolific year, with many new and very important for Android, new version 7.0 Android des Nougat to Daydream, which is Pixel or Google Assistant smartphones through virtual reality. Likely to be the last the star product of the Mountain View giant in 2016, and indeed these days is being news by its openness to the Android community.

Surely many will be wondering how We are talking about Google Assistant as a ‘flagship’, especially seeing the amount of new services, applications and features presented by Google this year, but we do it for a solid reason: the primary business of Google searches are.

Smart do your own browser and that the user can talk with him It is a novelty too important to ignore, and that is what is brought to us by Google Assistant, or at least that is what we have been promised.

Say it this last because the truth is that the Californian giant also could make him many blame this 2016, unless the users of other markets outside the United States, as many of the most important innovations presented by Google are still without everyone.

Google Assistant, artificial intelligence comes to the Finder of your smartphone

The first thing that should be noted is undoubtedly the huge functionality hidden behind Assistant, the service created by Google is not only one personal assistant for your smartphone.

Google Assistant is a smart search engine that you can talk directly to interact with the smartphone and automate tasks, and we not only ask you to find us films in our favorite movie theaters, but you can also buy tickets for us with just ask for it.

It is just one example of its power, but it is that with the new opening of the service to developers Google returns to approaching the limits of the imagination making that Assistant can communicate with your applications and perform functions with them. Any function, in any application, just talk to the smartphone…

Where is the downside? As as as many other Google News in recent times, time Assistant is only functional in English and within the Allo messaging application, unless you have a Pixel smartphone or Google Home device. Complicated thing because neither of them is sold in our markets.

It is true that 2016 was a year of important changes in the strategy of Google, and yet we’ve seen many innovations. However, little they serve so many applications, services and capabilities important if not reach everyone…

What serve us so many interesting features… If we cannot use them!

Because of some truth, and here come the criticisms to the Californian giant. It is true that global releases are complicated, and it is also true that 2016 was a year of important changes in the ecosystem of Android.

The abandonment of the Nexus range and the arrival of the new Pixel devices under the tutelage of Rick Osterloh made work at Google in unknown terrain, of the preparation and distribution of devices in a direct way. However, should not be that an excuse for a giant that already has been reborn to Motorola under its umbrella, and has so much potential that, understand the non arrival of the Pixel to Spain still, becomes complicated.

But not only is this, it is that Daydream is not available aquí, or YouTube network, that it has been in the dark leaving users premium Google Music video lame. Not Android Auto had expected penetration, perhaps here because most of the car manufacturers that still continues to have token presence in homes of the own Google and Android TV.

Many very important services that can not enjoy, something frustrating and that many users will surely appreciate very negatively. The funny thing is that We can even use the most important product of Google for this year, its intelligent search Assistant, which for the moment remains exclusively in English and for Pixel and Google Home devices.

Certainly 2017 will be a very full of new year, we should see a new high range that a step forward in terms of smartphones, also the new face of Google in the smartwatches, but the first thing we would like to see is the opening to all of Google’s most important services for all.

When will you reach our markets Assistant in Spanish? When YouTube network? Pixel smartphones will be competing with the high-end of 2016 or arrive in time to see the new move you ahead? Many questions that we should wait for next year to be responding…