Google Play Begins to Separate The Tops Games Applications

Although the games are technically applications, not all applications are games. Google this difference seems to have given him the same thing for years, but now finally beginning to separate applications and games available in Google Play Top lists.

This novelty has been sighted by Reddit Fiarre user, and assumes a new tabs in the section on applications Top of Google Play in Android. Where until now had free Top Games and applications mixed lists, change lists of Top free apps, Top free games.

This could be one of many tests of Google ending later graduating to all users, or not. By now the additional tabs they appear only to a chosen few and they are independent of the version of Google Play. I.e., even if you install the latest version now, you won’t necessarily these tabs.

The truth is that it is not the first time that ring the Bell of the lists of games, applications. A few months ago we shared with you a “secret” link that opens lists of applications excluding the games. It is clear that There is a filtering and the only thing left was to put the damn button in Google Play. We are waiting to see if finally the tabs reach around the world.