Google Shows Us Video of The Arrival of The Statue of Android Kit Kat a GooglePlex [Updated]

Update: The video currently appears as private. It seems that Google it was removed, probably because your next smartphone, shown in the successor of the Nexus 4. Fortunately someone unloaded in time video and we can see it from here.

Today Google has surprised us all. No one expected that the next version of Android outside the version 4.4, and much less that will end with the trade name of KitKat, Since virtually everyone was assumed which will be Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie), but has not.

On the occasion of the more than 1 billion active Android devices worldwide Android team took the opportunity to inform that 4.4 Android (KitKat) It would be the next version, launching a major campaign advertising by Nestle and placing in the gardens of GooglePlex already your figure together with the rest of Android versions.

It is unknown when Google officially presented the new version of Android, since all us has caught by surprise that have announced his name and put as the figure, since two months ago they launched Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) according to rumors the new version would be submitted between October and November, though it is possible that they can announce it in the coming weeks.