Google Tails in on Apple as the World’s Largest Fire

Forbes most recent inventory of the world’s most valuable brands, will announce the Apple as ready forms-but Google tails rapidly into.

Apple recently company disappointed, but that does not alter the fact that the company is in a League of its own when it comes to brand value.

In the Forbes annual statement is Apple continuing to find as clear world dishes, with a brand value of 154 billion dollars, equivalent to just over a billion Danish kroner. The wild amounts correspond to the two other podium places, Google and Microsoft, put together.

Despite a sales decline, is the Apple brand is now worth more than ever, Forbes notes here a gain of 6 percent.


Google on the rise

Although Apple’s dominant leadership position is not directly threatened, tails its rival Google in to Apple and is noted for a marked gain of 26 percent, which means that the search giant overtakes Microsoft on the global runner-up.

Other successful tech companies are Facebook and Netflix, there also are experiencing a hefty gain of 44 and 31 percent respectively, which put the companies on the list’s fifth and 79. space.

Other mobile manufacturers in the Forbes Top 100 is Samsung on an eleventh place and Sony on a