Google Waiting Get The Patent of The Bar of Notifications Do The Use against Apple?

When Apple unveiled iOS 5 saw that many of their new Android, had them as the notification bar. Incorporating this new Apple devices many people asked because Google not had patented it, since it was feared that it would now Apple which patented it as if were an invention of his, but today it has been discovered that Google was cautious.

Google introduced the patent of the notification bar January 30, 2009 under the number of publication US 2009/0249247 A1, but still This pending approval. It seems that these things require time before being approved, Apple had to wait almost 6 years to get the patent of unlocking the screen by sliding your finger.

Google patent is described as a notification system that graphically displays all recent events that have occurred on the device. In drawings described graphically its operation showing that the icons are displayed on the toolbar and to see the list complete and access must lower the pull-down as a blind.

Today have also come to light another request by Google submitted in August 2010 for patent several systems screen unlock, including the new Ice Cream Sandwich, so to avoid legal disputes with Apple by way of unlocking the screen, but if Google Gets the patent of the notification bar you would have it very easy to reach an agreement with Apple.