Google Will Entice with Exclusive Nexus-Software Features

Google talks about the future of the Nexus series, where upcoming phones in higher degree will have unique features.

Google’s Nexus-product series of smartphones, tablets and tv-boxes have always had the intention to show the latest Android version forward in its purest form without some of the customizations that can be seen from the other manufacturers.

By Code Conference organized by Re/code and The Verge tells Google’s Director, Sundar Pichai, how the future looks out for the Nexus product line.

First and foremost the Director confirms that Google will continue to make the phones in cooperation with various manufacturers. Who else was rife rumors that Google would begin to self-produce its Nexus phonesinstead of giving the task on to different manufacturers.

How to become it so is not, but Google will instead put higher demands on producers, who must make the phones. In the interview, it sounds, among other things, that Google “be more opinionated about the design of the phones” in relation to the direction that the Nexus-series must evolve.

One of the measures is that the Nexus phones in higher degree must be standard bearers for new features of particular software front. Why Google will increasingly move away from being a stripped down, ‘ stock’ Edition of Android without some special features and customizations specifically for these devices.

“I will hopefully see us add more features on Android on Nexus phones. There are a lot of innovations in software, to make, “ says Sundar Pichai.
He’s not going into detail on what these unique software news in the upcoming Nexus phones include. Through an examination of the Google Photos app Android Police , however, could reveal that Nexus users receive exclusive opportunity to back up pictures in 100% original quality in unlimited quantities, which will otherwise take up space in the Google drive and eventually require the purchase of additional storage space.

It would therefore seem to be, that Google’s strategy is to make it more attractive to select a Nexus-phone rather than any other top model.