Google Will Show the Face of the Sites in Search Results

If the search of Google is already good, the user experience can still improve. It is no coincidence that the company’s engineers today announced a new feature that has everything to be adopted on a large scale immediately. From now on, we’ll find out how a site listed in the search results before you access it. All thanks to Google Instant Previews.

The new technology of Instant Previews adds a small magnifying glass icon next to the search results one by one. Behold, clicking this icon appears on the right side of the page a thumbnail of the website you want to visit. When you search by TB on Google and click on the magnifying glass, for example, appears this:

In addition to display thumbnails of the sites in the results, the Instant Previews still selects important parts of the page that will be possibly accessed. In the search for Guimarães Rosa, for example, the first result is the Wikipedia (in English) with related to the author entry. If I click on the magnifying glass, you see a highlighted area of Wikipedia showing the most important information about Guimarães (in the box with orange edges). Look:

The company came to compare the Instant Previews with the act of flipping through a magazine, in which we normally do not read the material in its entirety, but search for words and terms that are related to what it calls the most attention. According to Google, increased by 5% the number of satisfied users with the search after using Instant Previews.

To test Google Instant Previews you should access this special page. Google Brazil confirmed that the feature will be available here in the country, and now goes through an implementation process.