Google Wins the Important trial of Android Against Oracle

After 5 years of struggle between Google and software company Oracle, Google has now gotten the Court’s words that the use of Java in Android’s source code do not break the law.

Google has had a fight with the big u.s. software company Oracle since august 2010, which potentially could have had huge implications for Google and producers who have made use of the Android software.

Oracle, which is best known as the author of Java technology and developing the language, accused back in 2010 Google for having copied Java technology to the development of Android since Google back was busy developing the Android as a competing operating system to Apple’s iPhone.

According to Oracle copied Google 37 of the so-called Apis from the company Sun Microsystems, which is behind Java and in 2010 was acquired by Oracle. Therefore, Oracle began the first trial in the District Court in august 2010, but lost the case when the judge in 2012 was of the belief that Google’s use of Java was under the so-called “fair use”, i.e. fair use.

Oracle appealed the verdict, so the matter at the end of 2013 came for an appeals court. Here was the City Court’s ruling at the beginning of 2014 overruled, and the conflict between Google and Oracle for having stood for the District Court again. Google requested, however, to have the trial of the Supreme Court, but was denied the opportunity.

With Oracle’s appeal, that undermined the first dom, began a new byretssag therefore the 9. May this year in order to uncover whether Google’s use of Java in Android falls under “fair use”, or if there have been breaches of copyright.

Now called Oracle $ 8.8 million. or the whole of 58.5 mio. dollars in compensation, but yesterday, Google then again the Court’s words that the use of Java in Android source code has been made without a breach of copyright.

Oracle would appeal the verdict once again

Google is of course pleased again to get the Court’s words that the use of Java is in order, to which the it giant remains undisturbed lawyer, Robert Van Nest, said: “We are very pleased with the judge’s decision”.Just as it sounds, according to Ars Technica from a Google spokesperson:

“Today’s decision, that Android makes reasonable use of Java Apis, represents a victory for the Android ecosystem, for the community about Java programming and for software developers who are dependent on open and free programming language for creating innovative consumer products”.

The joy lasts, however, may not be as long. Oracle will appeal judgment again, and the conflict between the two American companies are therefore not over yet:

“We are confident that Google developed Android by illegally copying central Java technology to throw herself over the mobile market. Oracle brought an action in order to put an end to Google’s illegal behavior. We believe that there are numerous grounds for appeal, and we plan to bring this matter back to Appel’s Court “, says Oracle’s legal Chief, Dorian Daley.