Google’s Nexus 9-Tablet Is Deleted Also from Google Store

Google lumber good in its Web store. A few days ago, went out for the Nexus Player box, and now it’s also ending with Nexus 9-Tablet made in cooperation with HTC.

After only one year in the Google Store webshop emanated the little tv box Nexus Player in Denmark and all other countries, but it was not all that disappeared.

It is no longer possible to buy Nexus 9, as HTC has produced for Google and HTC confirms that the production of the Tablet is stopped.

Nexus 9 was launched a year and a half ago and was, in fact, already removed from the Google Store for exactly a month ago-something which was most people’s noses over. Nexus 9 was never the same market just as the two smaller Nexus 7-tablets from ASUS because it was plagued with numerous problems and a poor build quality taken price of 2,890 dollars for the cheapest variant into account.

Committee in the Google Store here in is therefore gradually something small, where there are only four real gadgets to choose from: Nexus, Nexus 5 x 6 p, Chromecast and Chromecast Audio.

On the other hand, there will be probably two new Nexus phones to collection this fall in connection with the release of Android N software in its finished version. The current rumors going on that it’s HTC that gets the job this year and therefore must produce two Nexus phones.