Got the TV for All

Long video on the bus, the latest news on the way home from work, or just to avoid having to fight for the remote on the couch. We have tested all the operators ‘ mobile tv packages.

All the big operators are started television broadcasts in the phone, and despite the fact that the EU, operators and television industry still fight over rates and conditions may you sink into the couch and enjoy TV on your phone today.

The fact is that it does not require a special phone or costly Add-ons to view television broadcasts on your mobile.

Supply and price

Have you marveled at the growing range of channels in your standard tv do you recognize yourself in mobile tv. For the fact is that the total of the various operators are all over 67 different channels to watch. So here, too, the range is extensive and you can find channels for both special interests and home language, but also the wider channels that we recognize from the usual tv schedule. Although some channels broadcast their usual channel listings even in the mobile, it is more common to the channels cut together a slimmed-down version that spins in a loop.

To have the cell phone as a backup solution when the fight for the remote control at your home becomes too violent is not a sustainable idea. In mobile tv, you get an entirely different table than in the channels ‘ full broadcasts. It is often a combination of live broadcasts and older programs, which is due to the fact that tv stations rarely have the rights to broadcast all of its contents including mobile. TV6 shows, for example, in their mobile channel called TV6 To Go old section of Rallarsving, a program which was aired in the mainstream tv channel for several years ago.

The different operators have different ways to charge for tv broadcasts, but common to them all is that you never pay for the data transfer. It is almost a prerequisite to tv via the cellular network to function and would pay regular datataxa for its mobile tv-watching, it would very quickly become unsustainable. To all the tv picture goes via the cellular network and common data connection also means that you should avoid to watch mobile tv in foreign countries, because the data connection which is charged separately and to an unreasonably high rate.


Tele2 offers largest channel lineup, but the channels are sometimes very niche.

Do you stay in Sweden, however, you don’t have to be skinned. It usually pays a fixed monthly fee to get access to a full package of channels. Most channels is the Tele2 who has with its range of 31 different channels. It could very well be far more than you have at home, but also many in the industry believe that mobile tv becomes more of personal tv than the usual tv at home and that there is therefore room for more channels on special interests. An example of Tele2 ‘s more niche channels are the two different channels, both of which target the Arab real estate market. The target group for such channels in Sweden is surely right limited.

The range of channels is of course an important factor when looking at the different operators ‘ services. If you look only to the number of channels, it’s Tele2 that has the most with the 31 man amassed. Our site and Three will then while Our site has only just over half as many channels as Tele2.

At least as important as the number of channels, however, is what it is about and this seems to Our site took home the victory. Tele2 has the most channels, but Our site has hijacked out most of the slightly larger and wider channels of the famous brands. It is, for example, alone to offer tv shows from the U.S. blockbuster HBO makes Sex in the city and the Sopranos and it also has the exclusive rights to show the matches in hockey’s Elite series in your phone.

Although Tele2 and Three have a lot more famous channels. Three supplements these with a range of narrower channels with only standup comedy and another with card files. Tele2 has a whole bunch of language channels that can be valuable for anyone who is interested, but the canals attracts mostly as single channel and language makes you are probably interested in one of these and not the whole package.

If you want to, you can happily with Tele2 choose to only subscribe to one of the channels which then costs 9 kroons a month for unlimited viewing. If you are interested in only a few channels, this is an good options missing from competitors.

Other offers instead package price for a whole bunch of channels. Where it is either all or nothing. Our site has a large and a small package of channels, but both Our site and Three sell all their channels in a lump.

SCORE Range and price

Our site: 2


Our site: 4

Three: 4

The player and features

In practice, all the operators ‘ tv broadcasts a stream of video sent via the mobile network, but it has chosen to present this for us viewers in slightly different ways. Our site and Three have both developed a special player that allows all channels together in a program in the phone with the listings, graphics and other things that often makes it easier to change the channel and find the program that you want to see.

Our site has developed an own player in the cell phone but also offer broadcasts via links from their mobile portal Surfport.

With Tele2 and Our site’s player rather than a regular mobile-friendly Web page in mobile portal and click on the channel you want to watch makes the phone’s usual media player is started and it’s where you see the tv programmes.

Compared to the players who integrated all in one becomes the players at Our site and Tele2 a bit lengthy. Tres player, for example, is set in the landscape from the beginning, which makes sense to get as much available viewing area as possible. In Our site’s players used the number keys as shortcuts to, for example, change the screen orientation, and replacing the transmission quality. It is also smoother than the mobile devices built-in media player which often requires multiple key press to slide to appear lying across the screen surface.

We see the small features that lifts a mobile tv service over another, it is easy to quickly figure out the two operators that provide access to television channels exclusively through their mobile portals. In Our site and Three to get a quick overview of the available channels and programs that rolls right at the moment.

But it’s not really the consequence of these two operators chose to use a software to control their tv venture. Certainly the program has positive qualities, but also the Our site and Tele2 using their regular mobile page to entice us to television programmes should have made it much better. Now they have made the channel overview as a simple list, and it does both overview and switching channels significantly more complicated than they need to be.

Our site, for example, has divided up its channel list and made it as a series of images, on two sides. In addition to the links to the respective channel didn’t say anything about what you see right now, Miss you all the guidance and to change the channel becomes a smaller project when you first have to browse between pages. Best shortcut is probably to set up bookmarks in the phone for the channels you see most often. With Tele2, a long text list with the channels you have subscribed to and can then go into a different list if there are additional channels you want.

Although both Tele2 and Our site could introduce current applications directly on their mobile Web page refrain it apparently it, which is sad. Our site and Three makes the dashboard significantly better. Channel list in both Three and Our site go very fast to browse. Although television Itself taking applications for a while to launch, but not more time than the browser in the other cases, the operators of the claims.

Main advantage of the applications from the Three and Our site is that there is a built-in tv guide just as in digital television with a book linked to the tv at home can see what the program is and what broadcast later. Our site has also supplemented its mobile tv guide with channels that are broadcast in standard-definition tv, but not in mobile tv. It may be good to know sometimes, but it’s not as obvious that the information belongs there in mobile tv application.

Many times better then is Tres tv-guide, you will see the last weekly tv program broadcast when it suits you. Looking forward in the guide can be just as in similar services see which programs will in the near future. On the other hand, goes back in time, we should not only see the applications but also have the opportunity to see them.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to all Tres available channels, but only a few. News from DItv, BBC World and Euronews can see when you would like the feature films in the film channel Silver. This is a very good feature, because it is easy to be heard immediately when one takes out his mobile and want to kill some time. To avoid having to wait for the desired broadcast will begin is very worthwhile.

The obvious disadvantage of application to control tv viewing is so clear that it doesn’t work in all phones. A combination of Web-based tv and tv application that Our site has chosen seems best. To Tres tv application is only available for four single phone models does the heavily restricted.

SCORE Player and features

Our site: 3


Our site: 2

Three: 4

Picture and sound

On paper, you might think that the image of all the operators ‘ services would be virtually the same. This is because the conditions are largely the same. All operators employ 3 g. online and many of them share through mobile networks in large parts of the country. TV-the material they receive in their services should be comparable, yet the end result is quite diverse.

Operators simply choose how much data capacity they want tv broadcasts will take up and this is noticeable differences. Our site and Our site seems to have fairly similar quality standards. This image has been compressed so much that it becomes a little wavy, but it’s good to look at. If you look at the details, you see that the image is a bit blocky and solid color surfaces appear a bit like waves in the picture. It looks a bit like heat waves can be seen above an asphalt road on a hot summer day.

At Our site has compressed the image so much that it becomes wavy.

Altogether, this means that neither at Our site or at Our site can read text in the subtitled programs broadcast. It will be just for indistinct and therefore completely unintelligible squiggles. The same applies to the scoreboards in sports programmes, for example, who, after all, tend to be a bit larger text. Our site offers its mobile tv broadcasts in several different grades, but what you notice if you choose an inferior but less data intensive broadcast quality is that movements in the picture causes shadows that lingers, one notices a drop in color fidelity and distorted faces of one person talking on the picture and move at the same time.

Better it looks in Tres broadcasts. Here is the detail significantly better and it makes that comparison that there is not any problem to even keep up with the text of the application which is subtitled.

We listen to the sound noticeable that even it must be adapted to the data capacity operators set as a ceiling. For example, if you want to listen to music from any of the available music channels, it is difficult to make it enjoyable. The quick clips of music videos have Three difficult to view fair if we first look to the picture. The sound is acceptable if you listen to the phone’s speakers, but listens instead of even the simple trick that comes with the phone is noticeable flaws painfully well. Three are doing best even on the sound, but is for the would not particularly good. Works much better than music, and it is from the point of view of sound quality no problems to keep up with any of the operators ‘ television broadcasts.

Tele2 differs slightly from the other. Here we notice several times that the picture completely freezes and the phone must have a break in the broadcast to buffer and catch up. This happened during the test very occasionally at Our site, but never at Our site and Three. Although this is not the picture of Tele2 TV better than in the other. Instead, it is easier to see the pixels in the image, and often involve rapid movements in the image, like those in a music video, for example, that the image grötar and becomes unclear.

SCORE of Picture and sound

Our site: 2


Our site: 2

Three: 4


The program offers Three is clearly better than the competition and, for example, the latest weekly broadcasts for several of the channels in the range.

Winner: Three

Three takes home the victory mainly thanks to the smart player that also serves the best picture. There is a big difference between the different operators ‘ services. Tres special players do, however, that it is only available for a very limited number of phones and scheduling is also not the best.

Channel lineup

Watch your channel lineup at home and on your mobile and you will notice quickly some differences. In the mobile phone is the Tele2 which provides the largest number of channels. Our site is the operator that managed to get the most exclusive content and features such as with the Sopranos and hockey’s elite series live.

Click on the image to get the channel plan in readable condition.