Great Test of Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth is the technology that allows audio from your phone without wires. We have placed 19 different headset under the microscope and provide tips on best choice in each category – Mono talk and stereo headset for music.


Jabra Extreme

Extreme is a far more interesting than what the appearance suggests. Under the skin is properly functioning noise reduction technology and Extreme supports A2DP – even though it is a mono headset. A2DP provides no better call sound, but the feature is really useful if you want to listen to the podcasts and do not have stereo headset at hand. Listening to music in one ear is of course not very enjoyable, but for talk shows, or audiobooks, there may be an option. The weight is not very low, but thanks to the detachable headband and interchangeable earplugs are comfortable. The Jabra Extreme is not particularly cheap, but a good headset if you want to have advanced technology and good performance but to advertise it. The headset is charging via usb and can be connected to two devices at the same time.

Plus: Discreet. Good sound.

Minus: Short battery life in relation to the importance


Jabra Pro 9465

Actually it is questionable whether Pro 9465 belongs in a bluetooth-supertest – technologies which make wireless headset bluetooth Jabra is not the same without using Dect technology found in Cordless home phones. It provides true long range – up to 150 meters, but at the same time makes the headset does not work directly on the cell phone. Bluetoothkopplingen occurs instead between the headset’s base station and mobile. Jabra has managed quite well with making mobile connection user-friendly. The base station has a small touch screen that gives clear instructions. Quality feeling is really good-the headset has leather-covered lurking and base station is a solid piece. In addition to mobile you can connect PC and landline phone to the base station. The screen shows the line in use and the headset has better audio than typical bluetooth headset and phones – bandwidth is nearly twice as large. The feature will be useful when calling with Skype, but does not improve sound on calls on mobile phones or over the conventional phone line. Headset gives audio in both ears, but there is no A2DP support, or else the opportunity to listen to music with high quality. The headset is supplied with a software for Windows that makes it easy to manage the talks in various IP-telephony applications directly from the headset. The program also has features to configure the headset and record calls. The sound is very good, but at the same time as the headset is versatile by working with mobile, PC and landline phone is locked to the Office because all calls go via the base station.

Plus: Easy to use despite the advanced features


Do not work directly against the cell phone

Jabra Stone

The Jabra Stone is a super lightweight headset with special form. Headset and earloop has melted together into one unit, and the result is a headset that is innovative, but at the same time discreet in a positive way. The fit should be tested prior to purchase – there are no adjustments – but sits the headset good is very comfortable thanks to its low weight. The scale stops at 7 grams and it makes the Jabra Stone to the lightest headset. The design makes the loudspeaker element is directed straight into the ear opening and it results in the other party heard good but completely loses touch with the near abroad. The charger has a tvålartad shape – or a vattenpolerad stone maybe than the association which producer preference. Anyway, have “stone” a cavity that the headset folds into in a very classy way. The charger also contains a battery sufficient to charge the headset 3 times before the power cable needs to be connected. Answer key is hidden in the shell, it has good sense and there is no risk to start voice dialing or similar. Statuslysdioderna is hidden on the side that faces inwards header, so the visible side of the headset has only a small Jabra logo. Specifications lists the amounts of gadgets like dual microphones and noise reduction – features that seem to be of use. The Jabra Stone is doing really well among the smaller headsets in terms of sound quality. However, it is worth noting that battery Jabra set (8 hours) includes the battery in the charger to the headset, press and hold only for about 3 hours.

Plus: Small and light

Minus: Short battery life

Nokia BH-217

Three-month standby time promises to Nokia, but it turns out that the figures are not comparable with other headsets outright. BH-217 comes with a holder, and as soon as the headset is placed in the holder turns it off it turns on. Conversely, seeking the last used cell phone as soon as you pick it up out of its holder. The same thing happens when you press the power button on the second headset with other words. The three months Nokia set is nothing more than the battery self discharge when the headset is turned off – turn it on it three months after it was full it may therefore still be power in the battery. Looking instead at how long the headset survive on, stops the clock on more conventional 150 hours. A voice in your ear guides, so you may know immediately if the headset is connected to your phone, if the battery power is low, etc. BH-217 has automatic volume and lacks the manual buttons. The importance is quite low – below 8 grams – and BH-217 sits comfortably on the ear. Quality feeling and the sound quality gets a passing grade, but no more.

Plus: Easy and convenient

Minus: Plasticky

Nokia BH-218

A simple Mono with cord. Just as with the Nokia BH-217 tries to give the impression that the headset has extremely long standby time, but it is estimated in the same way as other manufacturers, the figure is 150 hours. To get several months of standby time, you have to put the cochlea in the little tray on top of the dongle after each call and, thus, turn off the headset. BH-218 have a built-in voice that tells the current status. It is useful in combination with Nokia’s automatic shutdown. When one picks up the cochlea and turn on the headset again, you get a confirmation that the connection to the cell phone was successful. Micro-usb has not beaten through entirely in Nokia’s range – the headset is charging with the narrow laddarstiftet. The sound quality of the earpiece is good, but I think it does not really want to sit on the ground in the ear. The volume is adjusted automatically. It works great for the most part, but sometimes wish that there was an opportunity to raise or lower after own preferences. The microphone sits mounted on lursladden and works very well in the car or in the Office environment, but it picks up too much wind noise to work well if you want to answer a call on your ride. The microphone sits a small switch for private mode. Practical and very intuitive. The flat cable is flexible and gets caught out not as easily as a regular, round cord.

Plus: Read status. Good sound.

Minus: lacks the volume buttons

Plantronics Voyager Pro

A headset with a classic design that we have previously seen in both Jabra as Logitech and Sony Ericsson. Battery and electronics are in a large part behind your ear and a flexible arm goes to the earpiece and mikfonbom. The headset has dual microphones to effectively muffle the sound from the environment and the result is good, though not in the class with the Jawbone Icon. Voyager Pro headset is a well constructed with metal and rubber coated plastic surfaces. The buttons are very big to sit on a bluetoothheadset, so it is really easy to use the Voyager Pro. It is possible to press the reply button with gloves on, without problems, and even the power button and volume buttons have a good format and placement. Voyager Pro is a fairly large and heavy headset, but size also makes the weight distributed comfortably over your ear and it’s a headset that works for an entire working day – both in terms of battery life and ergonomics. However, it is not particularly discreet. Charger for car and mains voltage as well as bag and a usb cable is included.

Plus: The sound. The buttons.

Minus: Large and visible

Plantronics M100

M100 gives good call sound thanks to dual microphones, but in a much more anonymous packaging than the other two Plantronics headset. The discreet design can of course be sadder, but in other areas include the M100 is a modern product. A built-in voice tells you what is happening – for example “Connected” or “Pairing” and will also read up how much battery is left each time you turn on the headset. On an Iphone the headset’s battery level can also be seen on the phone’s screen. Detachable headband and an assortment of silikonpluggar means that the headset can be adapted to most ears. M100 adjusts the volume automatically and do not have manual buttons. The feature seems to keep its promise and increase the volume slightly when I open the window so that traffic noise reaches into, but I would have liked to have seen an opportunity to freely select the sound level.

Plus: Read status. Good sound.

Minus: Missing volume buttons.

Plantronics Discovery 975

A bluetoothheadset with exciting design and materials. Shape with a very long Microphone boom might not appeal to everyone, but the overall impression of the Discovery 975 is that this is an exclusive product. The bag is made of a leather-like material and details of leather surface on the headset itself. About the same retro feel that Olympus convey with their 60-inspired PEN cameras. The bag features a magnetic clasp for the cover and a smart eject button that makes it easy to disconnect the headset from the micro-usb connector that holds it in place inside the bag. The bag is not only used as storage, but also includes a battery for charging onto the field. A small lcd display shows how much power is left in the väskbatteriet. The headset can handle no more than 5 hours of talk time – with a weight of 8 grams fit not so much battery capacity – so it’s good to have the bag on hand. Just like the Voyager Pro has the Discovery 975 dual microphones on a long boom, and the sound quality is excellent. The long boom microphone provides excellent sound and the earpiece has interchangeable silikonpluggar. Any jumper doesn’t exist, but the headset is supplied with a number of different earplugs and you find one with a good fit so sits the headset really well.

Plus: Good sound. Daring design.

Minus: Poor battery life

Samsung HM1000

A simple and lightweight headset with detachable headband. The sound quality is really good in your ear thanks to eco-and brusredering. The microphone is approved, but there are better options if you want a headset that can withstand wind noise and noisy environments. HM1000 is loaded with micro-usb and can connect to two devices at the same time. The power switch is a clear switch on the inside of the headset. The battery life is very good compared to the weight.

Plus: Easy and discreet

Minus: Good sound of the counterparty

Jawbone Icon

Jawbones headsets are characterized both by loud design ambitions and by advanced technology. The sound in the ear are good quality, but it’s of the counterparty that the headset really impresses. Despite the fact that it is an easy and convenient headset sound quality is even higher than that of Plantronics headsets with dual microphones on long booms. Jawbones solution is based on not only to pick up the sound from the air, but also from the vibration. On the inside of the headset is a small knob that senses the vibrations and the headset’s software manages good to identify a natural speech sound even when it’s really messy around. Jawbone Icon is available with several different skins and we have tested the variant called “The Hero”. Headset balances a bit on the border with feel plasticky – Jabra and Plantronics have succeeded better with materials – but good earplugs comfortable fit lifts the overall impression. The headset weighs 8 ounces and has moderate battery life for the weight class. There is no volume, but the volume must be adjusted on the cell phone. Jawbone Icon is packed with features like A2DP and read status. For Iphone users, there is also the opportunity to see the battery level on the screen. A2DP support makes no useful for phone calls, but provides much better quality if you want to listen to an audio book, for example, between calls. A unique feature is the ability to install content in the headset. The different skins come with a voice that should fit the headset’s “personality”, and it is possible to obtain votes in other languages and simple apps that affect how the vote works via Jawbones website “MyTALK”. The range of applications is limited to voice, spoken caller ID and votes on other languages, but more features are said to be in the works.

Plus: Easy. Smart audio technology.

Minus: The plastic

Sony Ericsson VH700

Compared with the VH300, which we tested last winter, is VH700 a big boost. The price is still low, but quality is now completely okay and the sound quality gets a passing grade. The new performance entirely in black makes the VH700 are as discreet as a normal sladdheadset. Earpiece sits really well in your ear, but the wire is very stiff and tends to pull out the cochlea when you turn your head. Six different earplugs come with, but a more flexible cord had made more useful. The microphone sits on the dongle, so it is important to fasten the top of the clothes for the best sound. Sony Ericsson vh700 carries its own eco-label Green Heart.

Plus: Discreet. Cheap.

Minus: Stiff Flex

Sony Ericsson VH410

The cheapest headset comes from Sony Ericsson. VH410 comes in three different colors and have a matte plastic surface. The material is thin and plasticky and VH410 doesn’t feel more exclusive than the price tag, justify, but it is still an effective headset that offers good call quality from a desk or a car where the noise stays at reasonable level. The headset is green with Green Heart and loaded with micro-usb. The battery life is good – hold for 10 hours of talk.

Plus: Good battery life

Minus: The plastic


Jabra Clipper

Clipper feels like a solid product with clamp in metal and a casing with rough rubber feel. Clipper is a dongle with the usual 3.5-mm jacks and in the Pack there are a couple of in-earlurar with mediocre sound quality. The price I would have expected a little more out of the headphones. Clamp the metal is slow to open, but the power of the suspension means that it sits firmly on the clothes. On the top there are buttons to change tracks and adjust the volume and unit is also the somewhat insensitive microphone, so it is important to find a good place for the clamp to call the sound should be strong enough.

Plus: High quality feel

Minus: Bad sound

Jabra Halo

A pair of thin stereolurar in the folding version. Much like a wireless and futuristic version of Koss Porta Pro. Headset is stylish, but the delicate sammetsklädda inside and the touch buttons for the volume are areas where I feel that the form has a go before the function. Like the touch works well and is a real elegant solution to control the music player, but it is hard to set the right volume – it easily becomes a too large or too small adjuster. Otherwise, the sound quality is good, although the deepest base are conspicuous by their absence. It is very comfortable and has a low weight for their category. The microphone is not good enough to give good call quality under all conditions. The Jabra Halo is primarily built for music.

Plus: Comfortable. The design.

Minus: Bad microphone

Sennheiser MM450

On the outside feels MM450 as a really successful product. The material feels sturdy, and the headset can be folded together into a really compact format without it then feels wobbly on the head. The problem is rather the reverse – it sits tightly on the head and the pressure on their ears can become uncomfortable after extended sessions. Sennheiser makes a valiant attempt to poke down Nokia from the throne, but unfortunately, the headset a couple of weaknesses that lower rating in the key categories. When the music is quiet we hear mysterious noises in the background – not entirely different the disruption that is usually heard when one switches lurking for a cheap laptop. It does not help to change the mode for active noise cancellation – the interference can be heard anyway. Completely unacceptable on a headset that cost over $3000 Manages to think off the disturbances so has the Sennheiser sound and properly resourced in terms of volume. Noise suppression in Sennheiser is not as powerful as that of Nokia, but the call sound is the best I’ve heard in a few musiklurar. The compact format allows MM450 cope with a rather small fabric pouch, but there is still room for many accessories. Cables to connect the headset to the music player without bluetooth or to the audio system in an aircraft are included. The charger is connected with micro-usb. It is not easy to assign Sennheiserlurarna to a mobile. Of course solve it after a look in the manual, but it was actually the only MM450 where I failed to figure out the procedure on their own. Despite the fact that the headset has a button marked with bluetoothsymbolen are the four-way button on the side of the handset that is used to start the pairing mode.

Plus: Convenient format

Minus: Expensive. Interference in the sound.

Nokia BH-905i

Nokia has made a careful update of its flagship BH-905. “In”-model’s jumper has been redesigned and is much closer to the head without squeezing. A solution that is both prettier and more comfortable. Just like the predecessor delivered BH-905i with a lavish pouch filled with accessories. There is room for chargers, extension cord and adapters for most headphone plugs — including contact for aircraft seats. It is therefore both to connect headphones or wireless as regular headphones with cord. The sound quality is very good and Nokia has added two features that alter the sound reproduction. One increases the base and give a little bit “loudness”-character to the sound while the other is called Expanded Stereo and more sounds like a faint echo. Headset has powerful bass already with the default settings, but it is good to be able to adjust the sound if the option is missing in the mobile. BH-905i may not play quite as high as such as Sennheiser MM450. Probably usefull both for their own hearing and for ambient comfort, but still a limitation worth knowing. Active noise cancellation has been better compared with the BH-905 and it happens really something when you enable the feature. Perfect for train, plane or in the car. Quality feeling have also become higher with more surfaces with metal and leather upholstery. BH-905i has very good call audio to be a couple music headphones. To carry on a conversation in tight-fitting headphones always feels a little fishy, but microphones are working well and gives a clear sound of the counterparty.

Plus: Good sound. Comfortable.

Minus: Somewhat clumsy

Samsung SBH650

Samsung’s stereodongle has been around for a while, but is still an interesting alternative. Quality feeling is not quite on a par with the Jabra Clipper, but Samsung’s bundled headphones sounds significantly better. The headset has good buttons to control the music player, and a heavy clamp to be attached to the clothes, but unfortunately does not fit micro-usb for charging but it is Samsung’s own touch. Display missing – SBH650 has only an led to indicate status. Previous copies SBH650 of which we tested gave off a faint, but annoying noise from the electronics. Samsung seems to have fixed the bug and now heard only a pleasant silence between songs.

Plus: Works with standardlurar.

Minus: No display.

The Sony Ericsson IS800

Much smoother than this will not be a music headsets. IS800 features extremely compact dimensions, but the small volume also means that the batteries will fit only lasts a few hours at most. Charger plug is hidden behind a small door on one earpiece and headset button is the answer button on the cord. So there is neither the ability to adjust the volume or to control the music player. It requires support for lowering the level of sound from your mobile phone. It works with most current models, but not with such as Nokia N82 or some other early A2DP mobile. Headset sounds rather like other in-earlurar from Sony Ericsson IS800, but does not play quite as high. The microphone is mounted on the cable and provides good sound of the counterparty. A handy around cases are included.

Plus: Convenient format

Minus: Cannot control the music player

Sony Ericsson MW600

Mw600 has a format that is recognized by several previous products from Sony Ericsson MW600, but both have better price and better features than their predecessors. The headset is made up of a cylindrical stereodongle with microphone, buttons and display. The headphones are in-earmodell and linked in with the default contact. Would the included headset, break it in other words possible to buy a new pair of any model and plug in. It sounds much better than the shells that were included with, for example, DS205-even though the model was just over 25 per cent more expensive. Quality feel is good. KL mman used to attach the headset to the clothes have enough strong springs and rubber surface on the buttons that control the music player gives a rugged impression. I’m not as impressed with the volume button. It consists of a long narrow touch-surface to sweep over your finger to raise or lower the sound. The volume will be much like pouring ketchup out of a glass bottle. First hands almost nothing and then comes all at once, and the sound becomes too strong. Standard plus and minus buttons works much better. Mw600 is not just a bluetoothheadset, but also works as a stand-alone FM radio. To switch the function to keep the “play/pause” button, then you can change the station with forward-and buttons. The radio has RDS and also shows the frequency in numbers, so it is easy to see which channel is set. The small display uses OLED technology and discretely hidden behind a glossy surface of the plastic.

Plus: Standard connector for headphones. FM radio.

Minus: Requires Sony Ericsson mobile to view the song titles

Getting started

The greatest innovation in recent times when it comes to ease of use of headsets is that they usually do not have to enter the code consisting of four zeros. Another new feature that shows up in more and more manufacturers are making headsets is endowed with a voice that speaks of what happens. The feature is available from Nokia’s Mono as well as at Jawbone Icon and Plantronics M100. A clear lift compared with cryptic flashing LEDs. It is never especially difficult to get started with a bluetooth headset, but manufacturers have found different variations of key presses to put the headset in a location that your phone can detect. All headset starts in right mode the first time you look at them, but to connect a new phone or if the link would be broken, it is important to be able to maneuver that set the headset in pairing mode. Plantronics, Nokia and Sony Ericsson uses consistent solution to the headset is made ready for a new phone if you hold the power button impressions long at power on. Jabra Pro 9465 has a clear touch screen that gives instructions in both text and picture for how to plug in your phone. Sennheiser MM450 has many buttons and actually demanded a look in the manual before it became completely clear how one would go about it.

Winner: Jabra Pro 9465

Materials and quality

The materials are important on a bluetoothheadset. The design should not only be durable and ergonomic – the headset is a gadget that is visible to the outside world, so they must be neat, too. Cords, buttons and clasps are exposed to a lot of wear on a daily basis. Monoheadseten with cable, handsfree VH700 from Sony Ericsson and Nokia BH-218 feels a bit like wear-and-slängprodukter. Cord is fixed, so once it starts slipping, it is time to buy a new headset. Jabra Clipper, Sony Ericsson MW600 and Samsung SBH650 has standard interfaces and can therefore get new life with other foxes. The headset feels a little extra luxury is the Plantronics Discovery 975, Plantronics Voyager Pro, Sennheiser MM450 and Nokia BH-905i. It is very metal, leather and plastic materials that either feels like rubber or ceramic composite. Jawbone Icon, Jabra Stone, Jabra Extreme and Plantronics M100 ranks just below – they’re a bit more plastic, but still feels that lavish products. Plantronics Discovery 975 consists of a truly successful combination of parts in hard plastic, imitation leather, and silicone rubber. Handbag with magnetic closure and battery display reinforces the impression. Highest score goes also to the Sennheiser MM450. Joints that allow it to fold headset breathe high mechanical quality and material and buttons makes it feel like a serious audio product.

Winner: Plantronics Discovery 975 and Sennheiser MM450


Monoheadseten has few features that affect how you use the headset, but more and more, features that improve the sound quality. Active noise reduction and dual microphones start to appear even in headset with price tags around $500, but there are also interesting things to discover among the included accessories. Jabra Stone and Plantronics Discovery 975 comes with charging case. Jabra has a slightly more compact solution while Plantronics bag is more lavish with their display of battery status. The surprise is the Jawbone Icon. The ability to install new voices and apps is an interesting development. Icon also has, along with Plantronics M100, a feature that shows the battery level on the Iphone screen. All Sony Ericsson IS800 stereo headset but has buttons to control the music player. The big music headset from Nokia and Sennheiser a smart cord input for analog audio sources-good if you never want to buy boring headphones to overcharge in order to keep up with in the movie on the flight. Nokia BH-905i has the most comprehensive accessory package and will also include a special cord for Ipod.

Winner in the category becomes the Jabra Pro 9465. The solution to manage the fixed telephone, VoIP and mobile phone calls in the same headset works really well. The touch screen makes the headset, easier to use and in addition there is a computer program that provides better functionality together with Skype or other IP telephony applications.

Winner: Jabra Pro 9465 and Jawbone Icon


The sound quality is made up of two parts – how good headset or handset when it comes to Mono, and second, how good it sounds of the counterparty – that is how good the microphone works. Unfortunately, these factors are rarely go hand in hand with each other – or with the price tag. The worst is the set with stereoheadseten. The expensive musikheadseten from Nokia and Sennheiser gives slightly better sound of the counterparty than Sony Ericsson VH410 low price model. By far the best microphone solution is available from the Jawbone Icon. The sensor picks up the vibration works really well and gives an edge over both the three headsets from Plantronics and Jabra Jabra Extreme above Pro 9465. The Jabra Stone is placed on an intermediate level before the slightly cheaper headsets from Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

I had high expectations for Sennheiser MM450, but interference and noise in the background pulled down the grade and it was Nokia who fared best among stereoheadseten. Two Mono is equipped with A2DP-Jabra Extreme and Jawbone Icon. Music in one ear is not recommended, but the ability to listen to high quality sound in mono works great along with the podcasts or an audiobook. Best budget choice among music headset is without a doubt the Sony Ericsson MW600. In-earlurarna headset sounds good and works well with both the phone’s music player and with the built-in FM radio.

Winner music: Nokia BH-905i

Winner speech: Jawbone Icon


Low weight are more forgiving and allows a headset can feel comfortable even when the shape does not match real with their own ear. Jabra Pro 9465 and heavyweights like Sennheiser MM450 need better adjustment possibilities. Jabra headsets are all good – Pro and Halo has fine adjustment possibilities while Stone and Extreme is easy. Sennheiser MM450 is too hard to be really comfortable. Nokia has been more successful with their big musiklurar and BH-905i is actually even more comfortable than the old 905-model. Several headset combines good customization options with low weight – Plantronics Discovery 975, Plantronics M100, Jabra Extreme, Nokia BH-217 and the Jawbone Icon. Jawbone Icon is the favorite, followed closely by Plantronics Discovery 975. The long Microphone boom with Plantronics makes at the headset feels a bit heavier in the ear than the Jawbone Icon. Plantronics Voyager Pro has a battery part behind your ear and distributes weight comfortably over a large area – a great headset for both battery and comfort should stay for a whole day. Best sportheadseten in the test is the Samsung SBH650 and Sony Ericsson MW600. In-earlurarna with interchangeable plugs remain in your ears even when springer and the dongle is placed correctly on the clothes. Jabra Stone has no adjustment possibilities, but still receive a high score, thanks to low weight and a unique shape that makes the headset to sit very firmly in the ear. In the bottom layer ports mono headsets with cord from Nokia and Sony Ericsson. The stiff cord of Sony Ericsson and Nokia’s slippery earpiece makes it easy to fall out of the ear.

Winner: Jawbone Icon

Winner – Mono: Jawbone Icon

Jawbone Icon is easy and convenient, but at the same time filled with exciting technology. The headset is alone in the test to use the vibrations to distinguish speech from noise and the result is impressive. Call the sound is really good and the headset supports A2DP if you want to listen to audio from your phone with high quality.

Winner-Stereo: Nokia BH-905i

Nokia has updated their old test winner and has improved both comfort and noise reduction. Sound quality is, just like with the old model, high class and low noise thanks to the electronics, Nokia a better rating than MM450 from Sennheiser. As regards the call sound performs BH-905i really well in stereo category and the generous accessory package with cords and bag helps to justify the price tag.