Harman Kardon Speakers Tested

Good sound and a positive first impression. But then we find imperfections in the facade of the Harman Kardon Go Play.

The most important thing is the sound and even before I plug in all the cables, I have a feeling that it’s going to sound good. The speakers seem to do a good job and so suggests the price that it must be of a certain quality of these speakers. Product category Portable Speakers, or for the sake of mobile speakers for music contains a wide spread both in terms of quality and price. There is a lot of junk in the product category, and relatively soon, it is clear that the Goplay are among the better. Often you can find out a lot by playing music at low volume and hear how well the music is reproduced by then. This is how I begin to test and then it sounds good. The sound is rich and even when I put my ear to the speakers, I think audio range are good at to low volume.

I try first with an Iphone and then connect the phone with the bottom plug in a small holder Perched on top of a speaker stand. The first thing you encounter is an error message saying that the fitting you just connected is not adapted for the Iphone. It then suggests that you put your phone in flight mode to minimize disruptions, but it claims that Harman Kardon particularly can ignore and I have not experienced any disruption when I tested.

Well started with gambling can I find after a while the remote control is recessed in a small compartment on the back. It turns out to be quite difficult to use, just so that a remote control is not to be. It is evident that it is adapted primarily for Ipod by the older generation and manage menus on the Iphone gets a bit too awkward via remote control. There are primarily two situations and depending on which remote control mode you are in is changed all meanings of the buttons. In menu mode to scroll back and forth in the menus, but it’s impossible if one does not at the same time, the screen, and when you do that you might as well touch directly there. The conclusion is, therefore, to confine itself to control tracks and volume and sticking with it.

The name Go Play suggests clearly that this is a speaker stands that one should take with them and then far longer than the power cord. The handle that extends over the whole place, so while obscuring the fact iPhone screen that it can be a little hard to control the Iphone as soon as it is in the holder. It also does well to not move with Iphone laying around in the holder is designed for the Ipod of the older generation, which means (in addition to the error message) that neither the Ipod Touch or Iphone is especially stable. Would you take with you your Goplay to the park so it is eight batteries of large variety (R20) to drive speakers.

I began by testing at the lowest volume, but it is perhaps not so much as to use the speaker of this type. When you drag on the volume, I think the sound is good. The downside is that the base has a tendency to take over and not reproduced in its entirety. Listening to instead of high quality lures do not base over in the same way.

Do you have any other mobile than Iphone so also goes on to connect, but then through the usual headphone output. Then Miss, however, the ability to control using the remote control.

My main reservations about Goplay as mobile speakers for Iphone is that it is simply poorly designed just for the Iphone. Since the price justifies a beättre representation of the base.