Heco Ascada 2.0 Test

The Ascada 2.0 from Heco is more than just a wireless speaker Kit. Use as a full-fledged plant is made possible thanks to a series of inputs.

Wireless Ascada 2.0 receives the music via Bluetooth, here, the inserted aptX encoding ensures improved sound quality. In addition to the AUX input, there is an optical and one coaxial digital input.

Integrated USB interface

In addition, the Heco Kit provides a USB port for quick loading of the Smartphones with 2.1 Amps max, and one for music streaming. By simply plugging it is connected to the computer, run the input selection and volume settings via the remote control.

Heco offers the Ascada 2.0 in white and black piano lacquer, which radiates elegance and elegant. The housings are made of massive wood panels and equipped with a dome tweeters and 12.5 cm deep midrange drivers, who work with flow-optimised bass reflex tubes.

Front panel and rear panel of Ascada 2.0 are obliquely arranged by Heco to reduce standing waves in the housing. The active box contains right sound and level control as well as front an input display.

The amplifier provides two 35 Watt RMS. The electronics including the phase-optimized crossover is housed in a box, so that a cable connection is required for the passive box.

Hearing test

Sonically the Ascada 2.0 presents lively and dynamic; Heights and upper middle seem slightly over emphasized – sometimes it sounds somewhat pointed. This is a beautiful fine resolution. The bass not deep down, but precisely contoured and vigorous. Thanks to their high volume, the Ascada 2.0 are suitable for dance parties.