Here Is This Month’s 2 Most Wanted Phones

Most searched phones

In the summer of 2014 was launched many flagship, and all the major companies presented their top models – from Samsung to Nokia. It is only the latest iPhone model, which has not been presented yet, but it will hopefully in the autumn.

LG G3 Cell Phone

What do you think – which was the most popular phones on our pages in July?

If you thought on LG G3, so had you right – LG G3 and Nokia Lumia 930 were the 2 most popular smartphones!


LG G3- the thin top model

LG G3 was launched in may 2014, and it is most well known for advanced features like laser-auto focus. The phone has a laser-controlled main camera on 13 megapixels which lets you take really good pictures to and including in poor light. This model is probably one of the best LG phones. In addition, LG G3 a brilliant, high-resolution screen on 5.5-inch and the 2.1-megapixel front camera. Here you can read more about the top model.

Nokia Lumia 930

Strong Windows Mobile: Nokia Lumia 930

Said by digopaul, Nokia Lumia 930 is one of the latest smart phones from Nokia. The powerful Windows Mobile was launched in July 2014, and was highly popular. It is therefore not surprising that it is one of the 2 phones our customers interested most in July. Nokia Lumia 930 has a 20 MP main and a 1.2 MP front camera, 32 GB internal memory, 2 GB of RAM and a AMOLED screen at 5 inches.

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