Here’s Samsung’s Super Strong Galaxy S7 Active

Your phone must be able to withstand some beating and at the same time deliver top performance, is Samsung’s upcoming S7 Active a good bid.

As such it is not because that Samsung Galaxy S7 is particularly delicate, it is water proof and so are the protected by Gorilla Glass 4. But once in a while gives it extra peace of mind when your phone can handle more than usual.

To clear things will soon be launching Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, a version that as with previous Active S-mobiles are raw, rubberised variants of Samsung’s topserie of S-phones.

The phone is not officially released yet, but final leak with our site, gives an insight into what we can expect from Samsung’s upcoming mobile Warrior.

A Galaxy S7 on steroids

S7 Active shares much of its Tech Magazine with Galaxy S7 according to, but wrapped in a shock-absorbing shell. Your phone saves on a 15% larger battery, which along with rubber steel reinforcement will make S7 Active a bit thicker and heavier, with a profile on 9, 9 mm and a weight of 185 grams.

The very innards are not picked by. The screen remains at 5.1 with Quad HD resolution, processor is a Snapdragon 820 quad-core with 4 GB of RAM, while the storage space is unchanged: 32 GB micro-SD, with the possibility of extension.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is expected to get American debut on 10. June in the US market. There is reported yet nothing about a Danish launch.