Highlights of Electronics

CURVED presents you the mobile highlights of Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo Startnext every week. Today with a 3D printer in pen form, a Dick Tracy phone for children, one Bluetooth day with replaceable battery, stackable external rechargeable battery and a bike with Bluetooth and sensors of plenty of.

Find: Bluetooth day with replaceable battery

The find is a typical Bluetooth day that you can attach to all items (key, laptop, handbag, etc.), who easily loses her or moved. Coupled with your smartphone a warning tone will sound when is token and the unit too far from each other the Remove.

In addition, you can locate the various finds with your Smartphone. You can support the project until May 27, 2014 on kickstarter. You are fast enough, you get the early bird price a find for $15, plus $12 shipping. Converted results a total of around 20 euros.

LIX: 3D printers in the PIN form

The LIX touted itself as the smallest 3D printer in pencil form. It works like all 3D printers and melts plastic that hardens very quickly after he left the tip. With the LAN you can draw as well as in the height. The Crowdfunding runs until 29 may 2014. The LIX is cheaper than a stationary 3D printers with a price of approximately €125 (92 British pound and ten pounds shipping charges).

Tinitell: Smartwatch for children

Tinitell is a Smartwatch for children. As parents you determined by the associated app, which number can call the offspring via voice command. Of course, you can also access the little ones. It is also possible to a location via GPS watches.

The Tinitell is waterproof, and the battery should hold out for a week in standby mode. The talk time is only one hour. Still, early bird deals for $99 plus $15 shipping are available. Equivalent results in a price of about 83 euros. The Kickstarter project ends on 29 may 2014.

Modulo: External battery for stacking and gluing

This external battery is the size of a credit card – but thicker – and can be easily stacked. Every 69 g heavy modulus has a capacity of 2100 mAh, which is sufficient for current top smartphones but not for a complete charge. On the bottom is a surface, sticking with the rechargeable battery pack on the back of your Smartphone.

The manufacturer offers numerous accessories which you recharge the modulus using a hand crank or used for the wireless transfer of power. Until May 30, 2014, you can support the project on kickstarter. In the Schnellbucher offer you’ll get for $25 – a modulo including worldwide shipping! Equivalent results in a price of less than 18 euros.

Vanhawks Valour: Bluetooth bicycle

Who is on the road with this bike, needs no smart band or Fitnesstracker: the valour of Vanhawks is crammed with sensors – they measure the position, acceleration, speed and magnetic flow fields. The wheel via Bluetooth wireless technology transmits collected data on your Smartphone. In addition, it features a GPS receiver and a mesh-modem and a dead angle detector.

The power supply via a supernova infinity S Dynamo in the front axle. To choose is the valour as fixie single speed or gear. You can still hit Kickstarter until 31 May 2014. Price we go on 1049 Canadian dollars. The shipping costs but in addition 150 Canadian dollars to Europe, so that equivalent results in a total price of around 800 euros.