Honor 6 Plus in the Test

The honor of 6 plus is based in design on the iPhone 5s. But the mid-range Smartphone in the test is also technically to the model?

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Huawei bought the honor of 6 plus an aluminium bar that runs u-shaped around the Smartphone. Would be to call this trim frame but exaggerated, because the bottom remains of them saved, here Matt polycarbonate must submit. Basically the Huawei could have saved this Designtrick is, because the housing is only marginally upgraded with the metal. This does not mean that the honor of 6 plus cheap effect, rather the design corresponds to the price: good middle class, not more, but also no less.

With its edgy box construction and the heavyweight of 165 grams is the Smartphone but not particularly good at hand – interested parties should try the 5.5-inch giant before the purchase.

The processing is very good, in this respect must be so worry, gap is evident in some detail to the upper class but: the covers of the card holder on the right side does not plan complete with the aluminium bar, but are half a millimeter deep. Not a big deal when a 400-euro Smartphone, but for an iPhone 6 (test) or a Huawei P8 (Test) would be excluded as a goof.

Brighter screen, old software

The 5.5-inch IPS LCD shows content not only very sharp (1920 x 1080 pixels), but also very light at – 500 candlepower is situated on a height with the iPhone 6. Under the display the Kirin 925 the cycle developed by Huawei, a 64-bit processor with eight cores and 3 GB pretending to memory. The power CPU delivers performance in a tired, but has one flaw: the generation of 925 was champions of last year, as the Ascend Mate 7 (Test), already used in the Huawei-, the top equipment by 2015 are equipped with the successor to Kirin 930.

Because the development of processor drivers is a bottleneck that often decides whether a Smartphone Gets an update to a new version of Android, there is the possibility that the honor of 6 plus the software will make no big jumps. The fact that Huawei provides the device with the outdated Android version 4.4.2 the end of 2013 was introduced by Google, is evidence of the fact that this topic isn’t particularly is taken seriously by the manufacturer. After all: An update on Android 5 was announced by 2015 for the summer and fall.

The Android system enhances Huawei with an own user interface (EMUI 3.0), which looks like the ZTE counterpart MiFavor 3.0 confusingly. Both companies rely on a user interface on the iPhone, which collects all the apps on the home screens, eliminating the typical Android app drawer, which collects applications and settings in a separate menu, so.

Also, Huawei implements a few useful extras, an extensive app management, which gives the user tools targeted to control the background activity and the data hungry apps comes first. The user interface on the honor of 6 plus is very successfully without question, the outdated Android version is and remains a major shortcoming.

LTE only with restrictions

As a dual-SIM Smartphone, the honor has two slots for SIM cards that are different sizes (nano-SIM and micro – SIM). In contrast to many other biplanes, both slots support all wireless standards from GSM to LTE.

However, the second slot is also the interface for the micro-SD-card – this means that no memory expansion is possible, if one wants to use two SIM cards. In view of the fact that 25 GB available on the device, this restriction but not much falls into the weight.

Already the limited support of the LTE spectrum is serious: the 800 band that is used primarily outside of the cities, is plus of the honor 6 not recognized. The Smartphone can use although the LTE frequencies to 2600 and 1800 MHz, the latter is used only by the Telekom mainly in cities. So avoid the Huawei model who has an LTE fare, should make.

Battery is too early to pass out

Also at the Akkupower, the display may not convince giant: possibly lower midfield is a run time of 5:51 hours in the connect using mix – not only the most top smartphones last longer, many beginner and mid-range devices have a long breath. A so short period is simply too few at this price level.

This assessment applies in principle to the entire Smartphone package, the Huawei puts together. The honor of 6 plus not manages to put highlights, the camera is not a highlight. Apart from dual-SIM, it offers little improvement compared to its predecessor honor 6 (test). And a good alternative to iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 (test) this model is certainly not.