HooToo® USB Hub 3.0

At a time when the PC is miniaturized , USB ports may become a rare commodity. However, the objects to be connected are always as numerous (mouse, keyboard, usb key, diffuser HE, …).

This USB hub is the  welcome.

Not to spoil it, it is USB 3.0, so very fast if the port to which it is connected is also in USB 3.0. See more on http://www.smartercomputing.org/2016/05/10/what-is-a-usb-hub/.

And it contains an ethernet port.

For the latter, I did not need it, having already an ethernet port. But a priori, we need the CD provided with the hub to configure it (still need to have a PC with a reader …), and we have an ethernet input.But as I said, I did not test it.

As for the hub itself, I find it compact, but it might be even more so? In any case, with this version, there is at least the place between each port to connect several devices. This is not always the case on all PCs …

And as it connects to the PC via a small cable, no loss of any USB port available next door.

I nevertheless find that it is a little expensive (45 €, promo at the moment at 30 €). To book in my opinion if you need an ethernet port.

My rating: 6/10