How do I Change My iPhone for an Android? Worth it?

There are many reasons that can lead a person to exchange an iPhone for an Android. It’s definitely not because one system is better than the other because they both excel at quality, device options, and application availability. The exchange is worthwhile for those who do well thinking about what they are doing. After all, it involves a whole transition from one ecosystem of technology to another, and it is not always a transition without pain.

How do I Change My iPhone for an Android? Worth it?

Is it worth changing the iPhone for Android?

During the transition, the only thing we guarantee is that you will lose access to Apple’s unique services, which are iCloud, Facetime, and iMessage, basically. ITunes can still be used from other devices, although it is not possible to buy iOS applications any more. We talk about this because today, the exchange of the iPhone by Android is much less traumatic, although it may have some emotional impact if the person really likes the brand.

The right question then will not be whether it is worth doing the exchange of the iPhone by Android but yes, if you really want to make that exchange. Both operating systems (iOS and Android) offer pretty much the same features, depending only on the device you choose.

Generally, the transition will be a decision based on financial issues (Apple cell phones are a lot more expensive than Android phones). But it may be that you do not like to get stuck with the great apple products because they are not very flexible when it comes to making accessories compatible with their gadgets or releasing other manufacturers to make them. You may want to switch to using a microSD card in your phone, rather than having to rely on internal memory. Or you can have a removable battery, and not have to send the mobile phone for service when you need to change it.

The message we want to pass on is: the exchange is worth it when it is decided upon by you, when you choose the best mobile phone for your needs . Along with this, when the exchange is done the right way, as we will teach, the traumas are reduced and the chances of minimal failure, which reduces the chances that you will regret.

I changed my iPhone for an Android: starting the change

To move from iPhone to Android, you’ll want to keep your smartphone experience as close as possible to what you had with your Apple smartphone. That means keeping all your contacts, apps, music, videos, photos, anyway, as much as possible of what you had from your iPhone on your Android. All this is just a few touches away, literally.

Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

On an iPhone, your contacts are saved in your default account (Settings -> Mail / Messages, Contacts, Phonebook -> Default Account). In this account are the majority of your contacts. If your account is a Gmail email, things get even simpler: just enter your data from your Gmail account on your Android smartphone , and the contacts will be synchronized. More simple, impossible.

If you are not using a Gmail account, you can use third-party applications to export the contacts. There are several in the App Store and the Play Store, and they use cloud storage to back up contacts. Use one that has many downloads, to ensure security. The default procedure is to open the application on the iPhone, select the contacts you want to export, send to the Android device via Bluetooth / Mail / Cloud, and on the Android device, download the application or open the Contacts application to import these contacts. contacts, go to options and touch import contacts, selecting the file you received).

With iCloud, you can also transfer the contacts to your Android device. On your iPhone, go to Settings -> iCloud and enable the sync of contacts with iCloud. Access iCloud on your computer by entering your Apple ID and password. Navigate to Contacts on the main page, click the gear symbol, click “select all / all” and click “export vCard”. The computer will download a VCF file. Then go to Google Contacts , select the “more” option and click “import”. Select the downloaded VCF file for your computer in the download folder of your browser. To delete duplicate contacts, click the “More” button and then the Find Duplicates button. Choose to merge or merge the duplicate contacts.

Transfer photos from iPhone to Android

Unless you’re a professional photographer, the best way to do this is by using a cloud storage application . Examples include OneDrive, DropBox, Cubby, Box, Google Drive, and Google Photos. The latter also provides unlimited photo storage (there is a specific size, but only professional photographers exceed this specification) for Android and iOS devices, which means you can put all your photos in Photos and then have access to them on your Android. Download the app on your iPhone and sign in to the app using the same Google account you use for Android. Then download the app to your Android device. It’s that simple.

Transfer music from iPhone to Android

You can use your computer through iTunes to download music, you can use file transfer applications, or you can use streaming music services to take up space on your device, and you can use it on your computer, or even on your device. other people.

Transfer your calendar from iPhone to Android

You can use third-party applications to synchronize a calendar with the cloud, and the options are varied. Our recommendation, however, is to use Google Calendar. If you use Apple’s calendar and want to transfer to Google, there are iPhone apps that make the transition. The best ones are paid, however, but it may be worth paying to be able to transfer all your scheduled events without any inconvenience.

Syncing other apps between iPhone and Android

Nowadays, all the best applications have versions for iOS and Android. Among them are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, etc. To use them on your Android, simply download the application and set up your account on the device just like you did on your Apple device. That simple.

When switching to Android, do not forget one last thing: turn off your iMessage, so that SMS and MMS messages are not forwarded to the Apple service on your old iPhone. Go to Settings -> Messaging and turn off iMessage.

Was there any question on the move from iphone to Android? Leave us your questions and we will respond as soon as possible!