How is the Smart Watch Noblex

We tried the GoWatch SW210C, a space designed for lovers of sports and outdoor life product.

Will there come a day when all take a smart wrist watch? It is difficult to predict, given the emerging of this kind of devices, but perhaps the key is given by the relationship with smartphones, ever closer.

In the local market there and the presence of several brands, foreign and domestic, and one of the latter who just most recently present a model is Noblex.

We tried the SW210C, the first smartwatch they present, and that is the size it is suitable for people with thick and thin wrists. It is compatible with any phone that has Android 4.4 and iOS 7 onwards. The predominant color is black equipment, belt and housing.Circular touch screen is 1.22 inches with a resolution of 240 x 204 pixels. Your RAM is 128 MB with a 64 MB storage. To pair with a smartphone uses Bluetooth 4.0.

GoWatch wearable battery, which is charged in about an hour, has a capacity of 280 mAh. The autonomy is considerable and allows to overcome the two days without needing a recharge. In the box it comes with two cables, one USB power adapter and a micro USB. Loading is through a magnetic connector located on the rear face of the watch according to Areacodesexplorer.

The mesh is non-slip rubber and can not be changed by the user or by any watchmaker, but should lead to an authorized service center. It has a variant of only six custom quadrants from those needles (virtual) to those with digital numbers. The watch weight is 50 g. It is not waterproof but resistant to splashes.


The GoWatch SW210C has a circular diameter of 1.22 inches touchscreen.

His overall appearance gives a sense of health and sports, and has some features that validate this idea. For example, it features a pedometer, heart pulse meter, meter monitor physical inactivity and sleep. Of course, and this what the manufacturers say the device manual, have a recreational purpose and non-medical. If the user feels ill should go to a health center.

As for features, it lets you view notifications that reach the cell, but not interact with them; typography used does not help reading the text of the alert. It also has voice recorder, control music player smartphone, alarm, calendar, stopwatch, calculator andsmart gestures or hand movements, through which you can answer the phone, unlock or page through the application menu , among other things. They can make and receive calls with it, without resorting to the cell to which it is connected wirelessly.

The phone has a simple design and has a proprietary operating system, so you can not install applications on any Android device, for example in an Apple Watch or a pebble.It will not be possible to add more functions that are. As reported by manufacturers, it is not provided an update of the operating system. The price of GoWatch SW210C of Noblex is 2999 pesos.