How to Block Inappropriate Content on Your Phone?

If you’re going to buy a smartphone or tablet for your kids or their employees to use, you’ll definitely want to put some sort of control against inappropriate content on your phone. Social networking and chat usually do not carry many risks, although some level of monitoring is required. Care must be taken in monitoring inappropriate content, such as adult sites or with strong and shocking images.

How to Block Inappropriate Content on Your Phone?

To exercise that necessary control of security , applications and configurations of the devices themselves can be very useful, and work perfectly for the task.

Block inappropriate content on Android and iOS with apps

To block inappropriate content on Android and iOS through apps, you can find great options by searching for antivirus and malware removal applications . These applications provide the navigation control, also limiting the sites to which device users will have access.

In these applications you will find the option of safe browsing, parental control and browsing history. Go to the parental controls settings. You’ll need to create an account, with a password, so you can start blocking adult content sites on your device. Apps have a list of saved sites: just add them to your block list and you’re done. Only with your password can this list be changed.

It is worth remembering that some of these applications allow you to manage access and blocking to sites remotely. The more complete the better. Some of these applications are paid, but if they are very well evaluated, they may be worth the price.

Parental control for mobile: Android and iOS

Both Apple and Google make parental control possible from their own devices .

On Android, open the Play Store and go to the app’s menu (the three-line icon). Go to Settings -> Parental Control. Select parental control as enabled, and create a PIN password that is required to change parental control settings. Choose the filters you want to use for the control: apps, games, movies, TV shows, and choose the highest maturity level of content you want to allow for purchase or download. Only the device where the control is being configured will have the content locked. For more than one user on the same device, you have to make that same setting on each account.

On iOS, go to Settings and tap General. Choose Restrictions and tap enable restraints. Set a password before you can manage control over iOS apps.

Blocking inappropriate content as best as possible

For the best combination of security for your children or to prevent your employees from accessing inappropriate content on company devices, use a parental control antivirus application and native parental control of your device’s operating system . That way, even if one of the protections does not work, another is still active to prevent access to inappropriate content.

An even safer way, especially if the device is only used on wireless networks, is to configure the WiFi modem to block inappropriate content automatically. This configuration is very easy to do on more modern models, with just a few clicks from a computer, but may require some technical knowledge for older modems and routers.

Be sure to test whether parental control has worked by testing access to inappropriate content from the device.

Were you able to configure your device to block inappropriate content? Did you have any problem? Any configuration did not work?