How to Buy and Sell Smartphones and Tablets Android without What You Ripped Off

The second hand market has a lot of people, and when we speak of devices such as smartphones and tablets, this is even more relevant. In recent times have appeared different media to make these transactions more fast, easy and safe.

However, not everyone has good intentions, and on duty crooks come in this type of market a reef that take full advantage of. No one is free of this scourge that makes many people wary of this type of market which, however, can allow you to get great products at attractive prices.

A case may be to that has happened to the YouTube channel called geek trucker, who analysis of different terminals to do this, buys and sells the second hand terminals (one way, in my view, smart, especially if manufacturers do not you them), with a Note 4.

If you sold it and the person who bought it paid him with counterfeit money. Today it has not recovered neither the terminal nor money, which earned him a real problem. The advice they give you then try to avoid, to the extent possible, that you cheated When it is a transaction of these devices, and thus do not see you as bad as the mentioned situations.

Before selling a mobile phone or tablet

If you have decided to sell a mobile phone, first of all it is advisable that you follow a few steps to prepare the terminal. The first thing you should do is erase all data device, to avoid exposing your data to a stranger. So the most effective is reset to factory data and make sure that everything is deleted successfully.

The following is take as many pictures as you can that are of the highest possible quality, Thus the potential buyer can verify that describing the Terminal to be true. If you advertise a defect, is also attached photos of it, in such a way that the other person can judge whether it is too grave to consider buy it or not too much importance.

At the time of placing the ad, if the medium allows you, try to be as specific as possible defects you may have, the time have used it, if it is or not rooted, the version of the device (especially of face to have the 800 band or distinguish whether it is an international version or a particular country).

Don’t forget, for putting us picky, mention the accessories that come with the terminal (cable, charger, possible bags, headphones…), as well as its State (especially relevant in the case of the charger and cable). If necessary, it is also advisable to attach photos.

I want to buy a handset, how I do it and that should take into account?

Most likely the vast majority of those who read this article will know Htcmania, a forum that has a very wide buy/sell section. However, there are plenty of sites such as Vibbo,, and even in ebay You can buy second hand terminals. The first thing is, clearly, choose done to go.

If it is possible, check the seller’s reputation and find references to it whether it is or not reliable. Look at all the details of the product, both in its description and photos and asked as many details as you think necessary (see the previous section) in order to make sure that it is not an imitation or deceive you in any way.

The same in the case of attachments (such as minimum must be both original cable and charger), both conditions and some photos should be attached or, at a minimum, that you can pass them at the earliest. Also look at the price and compare it with the retailer to find out if it compensates that seller terminal before that new one from another site.

If the transaction is a distance…

Already, you have decided to buy this terminal or sell it to that person and is the time to realize how the transaction will take place. As civilized people, the best thing is remember how will be done, first send the terminal and checked once everything is as he has been said, send money or unlike.

This is a matter of trust and reliability of each of the parties, so it is in charge of each order of business. In my opinion, by default the best thing is to send the terminal so the other check that everything is OK and then you transfer, preferably by PayPal.

Of course, also It is important to remember the type of shipping service that will be, If you have an additional cost which must assume one of the parties (normally shall be the buyer who must pay these additional costs).

If the transaction is within the same city…

If fate has decided that both buyer and seller reside in the same city (or very near cities), it is best, in case of availability of both, meet in a neutral place to carry out the purchase or sale of the device. The ideal place to stay is opposite a cashier.

Why does front a cashier? To avoid the case which I mentioned at the beginning that you paid with counterfeit notes. If you are the seller, first check that the money is real in the cashier and then you give the terminal, and if you’re the buyer, first you give money for that it is real and will then give you the terminal.

Then if you want you can take something at a nearby bar and talk about your stuff or consult you doubts of the terminal, and could even be born a new friendship of lifetime. Either way, both parties should understand that the other acts, like you, to avoid a hoax, very unlikely that this will be.

Something that can further contribute to the reliability of the seller is that even after the sale, available later for specific questions about the terminal. I hope that these tips you will avoid any possible deception, although we must bear in mind that most normal is that people be honored.