How to Buy Cheap USB Accessories for Your Car

When you are out driving, you need several kinds of accessories which are not supplied with your mobile phone, tablet PC or MP3 player. Therefore, we are certain to recommend cheap car accessories from our large range, which will make your journey pleasant and comfortable. Read the post to see what we recommend this week! And all this accessories is cheaper than 100 Crowns!

USB Car Charger

This product is a very small charger adapter as pluggable in lighter socket in the car. The charger has a rotating metal handle which simplifies the uncoupling and is suitable for use with any USB-compatible devices (see Abbreviation Finder for USB abbreviation meaning). You can use it to charge your mobile phone or MP3 player and check its charger function by means of a green LED.

Phone Holder

For everyone who likes to have his electronic devices within reach is this bill keeps the perfect choice. It is easy to use and has many useful features. The cradle is suitable for all kind of surfaces and keep all kinds of devices securely in place. The special adhesive rubber keeps the device in place and can also dampen the shock. The cradle can withstand sunlight and is easy to maintain–you only need water to clean it.

Cell Phone Holder

Micro USB Charger

This practical charging cradle with microUSB-switch and LED indicator is perfect to be your new companion. It costs only 47 crowns, but has much to offer! Use it and you will never run out of power and at the same time you barely notice that it is in your car!

Micro USB Charger Kit

This set is really good to have along on the journey, because it contains a travel charger (100-240V) including USB contact, USB cable and car charger (12/24V). Take it with you on car trips and make sure your devices are always ready for use.