How to Change the Icons of Android?

There are many ways to customize your Android phone. One of the best ways is to change the icons for your applications. You can install complete icon packs that cover all your applications, or simply upgrade some of them to symbols and images that you like most.

How to Change the Icons of Android?

How to change program icons on Android?

There are a few ways to make the change of icons on Android. It is possible to change icon by icon, which gives a bit of work, but it is better for those who do not want to change much in the device. A better way to make changes is through a Launcher (initializer) for Android, which makes it possible to modify and customize the icons from a single, centralized interface.

Change icons on Android with a launcher

In the Play Store, if you search for Launcher or Launcher, you will find several applications. Perhaps the most popular is the New Launcher. They all start from the same principle: you will download the application, run, and the app will replace the icons and customization of the device, to make it more with your face. You can import settings for your launcher, making it even easier to work. These applications also allow you to import theme icons and change all icons by groups instead of changing one by one, which is a good option.

Change Android icon one by one

Find the application whose icon you want to change. Tap on it until a small menu opens and select Edit.

Touch the icon and scroll through all available alternatives. Tap on the icon you want to put in place and select.

You can also swipe left and create a new icon from an image in Gallery. Choose an image, then cut out and touch OK. The image will now be set as the new icon.

How to restore the app’s default icon on Android?

To restore the icon back to its original state, go through the Edit icon again process, but this time choose the Default icon to be displayed.

Using an application to change icons on Android

If you’d prefer not to use a launcher just to change your icons, you can try an app to change the icons in the Play Store. The operation of all of them is similar, and almost all are free.

Open the app and tap the screen. Choose the application you want to change the icon. Touch change to assign a new icon, and OK to finish. You can rename the application if you want. You can also change the size, color, and even add filters to the icon image. All this without having to root on your Android.